2005 Uniqato Rubin Dry Red Wine

Price: $7.99 @ TJ’s imported by ????

What They Said: 

Per quaffability, “I am feeling pretty skeptical as I pull the cork on this wine. Thinking I needed to be a little more adventurous in my choices at Trader Joe’s, I had yanked this Bulgarian wine from a dusty upper shelf, but now that the corkscrew is in my hand, fear of the unknown has kicked in, especially since it’s the last bottle on the kitchen counter, and all the wines in the vinotemp have been put into boxes for an upcoming move.

No worries; the dark red stuff in the glass smells like wine, kind of non-specific, like bargain Cab, Tempranillo or maybe even California Syrah. Cherry, plummy, earthy fruit on the nose — simple but reasonably pleasant. More of the same in the mouth, medium bodied, turning a touch sweet on the short finish. Not bad at all. This would be a solid choice at $4.99 — and I think that’s where it needs to be priced for TJ shoppers to pay much attention.”

What I Think:

Bulgarian, I have some friends down at the local coffee shop from Bulgaria and they never mentioned wine.  Thought maybe I could finally teach them something about their country.  Unfortunately don’t remember to many specifics on this one.  I do remember that the first day it wasn’t so good.  Day by day it got better and lasted almost a week at which point it was a very unique wine.  Does this mean I should buy this and age it?  It means if you do buy it be sure to open it early when you plan to drink it.

Rating: Skip It (but guessing it finds my cart again)

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