My friends made me do it…

Apparently they were really sick of hearing me talk about wine so one of them decided to get me a URL for XMas in hopes that typing about wine might shut me up.  Of course he wasn’t so direct, he stated merely as he wanted to know what I was drinking so that he could go out and get it.  So here we are four months later and I am finally going to take a crack at it.

Hmm, should I even bother.  If someone happens to stumble on this that does not know me directly, I don’t have any credentials.  I just buy and drink lots of different wines.  Mostly from Trader Joe’s and the majority of the rest from K&L Wines here in San Francisco.  So while I will provide as many tasting notes as I can, it will mainly be focused on if I liked it, didn’t or loved it. 

 And away we go…

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