My rating system (v1)

So I think what I have come up with is a two tiered system.  One for wines on the value end of the scale say $12 or less and another for those that I am expecting quite a bit more from.

 For those that are on the value side there will be five categories:

  • Bulk Buy
    • The top ranking.  This means that I am (or already) have bought mutliple bottles of this wine.  Generally speaking, based on how full the wine rack is, that will mean anywhere from 4 bottles to a case.  In addition, as I am drinking these bottles I am actively looking to replace them.
  • Buy
    • This means I will grab another bottle of this next time I am buying some wine.  These are wines that I enjoyed but not something that I want to be drinking regularly.
  • 12th Bottle
    • These are bottles that I don’t really intend to buy again but still have a chance to find their way home.  This is generally the case when I am sitting there with 8 or 9 bottles and need to round out the case.  Perhaps I liked it but it didn’t quite do it for me otherwise perhaps I thought I saw some potential, via a different food pairing or something of the sort, and want to give it another try.
  • Try It
    • These are wines that I didn’t particularly care for but I saw something that I was able to appreciate as something that other’s may enjoy.  Or perhaps, this is a varietal that I don’t particularly care for but thought the wine was decent anyway.  Lastly, maybe I think it is an average wine at a fair price but I would rather search for something else that spend my time with another bottle.
  • Skip It
    • These wines are ones that I simply would not buy and I wouldn’t likely take them from someone for free either.  I will use these rating sparingly.

For those that are a bit more up the pricing scale:

  • Cellar It
    • These are wines that I am very impressed with, will go out of my way to find and am digging deep to try and find enough money for a half case for the cellar.
  • Wow!
    • These are wines that I thought were worth the money.  When am I likely to buy them again?  At a restaurant, when preparing a special meal or another special occassion or if I feel it is time to spoil myself!
  • Pricey
    • These are wines that were good, but that I didn’t think were worth the money.  If someone served them to me again I wouldn’t be disappointed but I won’t be opening my wallet to get another bottle.
  • Not for Me
    • This is personal, so in a lot of cases it could be that I don’t care for the varietal.  Any expensive Merlot or Chardonnay may end up in this bucket.  Ala Try It (above), these are wines that I didn’t particularly care for but I was able to see how someone else could.
  • Rip Off!
    • This means even if you have more money than you know what to do with, save it!  I think I have had one expensive bottle like this in my entire life so hopefully it will never be used!

At the top I mentioned this is version 1 so I do reserve the right the rating system….

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