2002 Marques de Riscal Rioja Reserva

Price: $11.99 @ Friend/Gift imported by Shaw Ross International Importers

What They Said:

Per the winery “The reserva wines of Marqués de Riscal are made principally from Tempranillo vines which are over 15 years old. This is a variety that ages well in wood, producing wines with a good tannic structure, colour and acidity. The reserva wines of Riscal spend approximately two years in American oak barrels, forming a wine that adheres to the principles of classic Rioja wines.

Aroma: Slightly closed initial impression on the nose but quickly opening up to reveal ripe fruit and vanilla notes.
Colour: Intense colour with a crimson rim and a deeper more concentrated ruby red core.
Palate: In the mouth, the initial impression is of freshness from the acidity with soft ripe red fruits and and American oak on the mid palate. The wine has good concentration and length.

What I Think:

Another wine with which I have an illustrusious history. This was one of the first ever upscale bottles I though I ever bought. At the time I was close to fresh out of college and was living in Germany for a spell. My time there was winding down so I started bringing back some wine with each visit. This one made it home and with the fancy wrap managed to age for some time. At least four years later I made some paella for friends, still might be the best meal I ever cooked, and we had that bottle of wine with it. Ever since I always look at this longingly at TJ’s before moving on because of the price tag. We were lucky enough to have some friends bring it over for dinner and it was certainly good but I seem to remember it being much better. I wouldn’t hesitate to get the bottle againn, but it would have to be to go with the paella.

Rating: Pricey

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One thought on “2002 Marques de Riscal Rioja Reserva

  1. I know little about Spanish wine, but I now have motivation to get out of California and Italy. My TJ wine guy (Roswell GA) suggested a 2006 (Selected by Bodegas) Riscal Tempranillo. He said that this was made by a winery that produces much more expensive wines. I assume this means Marques de Riscal? I can’t describe wines along the lines of “the aroma of hummingbird wings as they glance over jasmine flowers” but I can say – “WOWIE.” For $5.99 this wine will dazzle and delight. I liked this wine when I opened it – the aroma was strong & pleasant. I liked it when I finished the first glass – it had a nice long finish and I liked it the next morning after drinking the whole bottle.

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