2005 Napa River Zinfandel

Price: $4.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Looks like the Zin must be a newer effort by the Bronco team because I couldn’t find anything on this one…

What I Think:

I do know that this is a Bronco Winery, aka the maker of 2 buck Chuck release. This is a textbook example of what a $5 wine should be. It tastes like a wine that is manufactured to taste like just about every other red wine on the market. Ever had a word is your jead that you are not exactly sure what it means. I am thinking “plonk” not sure what it means, but pretty sure this is it. That being said, there are many worse $5 wines out there but I would prefer to keep digging in hopes of finding a gem.

Rating: Skip It

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