My rating system (v2)

So recently I have been classifying lot’s of things as Try It though I really didn’t think that you should.  With that in mind I am replacing Try It with Skip It and the old version of Skip It will become Avoid It.  At the end of the day if I think you should try the wine it will be ranked a minimum of 12th bottle.  If I had it and didn’t have an unpleasant experience but don’t think you should bother it will be rated Skip It.  If I wouldn’t take it for free it will be branded Avoid It.  Always interested if there is any feedback out there.

So here is the full text that can be found by clicking ”The Rating System” link to the right…. 

So I think what I have come up with is a two tiered system.  One for wines on the value end of the scale say $12 or less and another for those that I am expecting quite a bit more from.

 For those that are on the value side there will be five categories:

  • Bulk Buy
    • The top ranking.  This means that I am (or already) have bought mutliple bottles of this wine.  Generally speaking, based on how full the wine rack is, that will mean anywhere from 4 bottles to a case.  In addition, as I am drinking these bottles I am actively looking to replace them.
  • Buy
    • This means I will grab another bottle of this next time I am buying some wine.  These are wines that I enjoyed and always want to replace the bottle I just finished.
  • 12th Bottle
    • These are bottles that I don’t really intend to buy again but still have a chance to find their way home.  This is generally the case when I am sitting there with 8 or 9 bottles and need to round out the case.  They are certainly worth trying as I thought I saw some potential, via a different food pairing or something of the sort, and want to give it another try.
  • Skip It 
    • These are wines that I didn’t particularly care for but found drinkable.  Perhaps someone else may be able to appreciate them but they weren’t for me.  Could be this is a varietal that I don’t particularly care for or maybe I think it is an average wine at a fair price but would rather search for something else than spend my time with another bottle.
  • Avoid It
    • These wines are ones that I simply would not buy nor would I likely take them from someone for free either.  I will use this rating sparingly.

For those that are a bit more up the pricing scale:

  • Cellar It
    • These are wines that I am very impressed with, will go out of my way to find and am digging deep to find enough money for a half case or so for the cellar.
  • Wow!
    • These are wines that I thought were worth the money.  When am I likely to buy them again?  At a restaurant, for a special occassion or if I feel it is time to spoil myself!
  • Pricey
    • These are wines that were good, but that I didn’t think were worth the money.  If someone served them to me again I wouldn’t be disappointed but I won’t be opening my wallet to get another bottle.
  • Not for Me
    • This is personal, so in a lot of cases it could be that I don’t care for the varietal.  Any expensive Merlot or Chardonnay may end up in this bucket.  Ala Skip It (above), these are wines that I didn’t particularly care for but I was able to see how someone else could.
  • Rip Off!
    • This means even if you have more money than you know what to do with, save it!  I think I have had one expensive bottle like this in my entire life so hopefully it will never be used!
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