2002 Rocking Horse Zinfandel

Price: $7.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Per quaffability “Here is the second of three offerings from this winery currently featured at Trader Joe’s.

This zin jumps out of the glass with a big blast of oak, peppery Zinfandel spice, and superripe, autumn blackberries.

There’s more oak in the mouth, a sense of heat, and ripe, spicy, brambly blackberry curd. The combination of heat, ripe fruit and spice reminds me of a rough-hewn ruby port. This wine is a bit over the top — check that — way over the top, but it’s also a whole lot of wine for the money, so try a bottle if you like this style.”

What I Think:

I didn’t check til after I finished the bottle, but the same stuff directly from the winery…$19! Amazing! This wine is 65% Napa Valley, 35% Sonoma and is a big one. All wood when first opened with some aggressive swirling it opened slightly and showed some raspberry mingling with darker fruit battling with the tannins. The dark fruits again appear on the palate before fading to a peppery, brambly big fruity finish. This wine has lots of character, it kind of reminds me of the loud kid in class that you couldn’t missed if you tried. Even if you don’t like it guessing you would have to do a double take to see what the heck it is.

Rating: Buy It

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