2005 Pepperwood Grove Syrah

Price: $4.52 @ BevMo (retails at $8.99 a bottle)

What They Said:

Per BevMo “A soft-spoken Syrah, the ’05 Pepperwood Grove is fine example of this varietal; grapey and easy on the palate; perky yet smooth in the aftertaste; a fine choice with hamburgers.”

What I Think:

This is the second bottle of this wine from the 5c sale. It showed me more this time around. It could be that it was a good bottle of red wine for under $5. Seems like lately most that I have had under ten have left me waiting for more. After these more expensive efforts failed me I found myself more impressed with this one given the price point. Still your typical red wine flavor profile, quick red fruit that holds a bit before fading to a tannin/pepper filled finish. Saw they mentioned cloves, I’ll have to work on seperating that from pepper. The perfect scenario for this bottle is that you have one nice glass leftover from last night to have with dinner. When dinner is over you find yourself wanting one more glass but don’t want to open anything nice. Grab this.

Rating: 12th Bottle

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