2005 Valentin “V” Malbec

Price: $5.02 @ BevMo imported by Quintessential LLC (retails at $9.99 a bottle)

What They Said:

Per BevMo “Explosive and impressive, the bold, black-fruited ’04 Valentin “V” Malbec is a first-class red wine; packed and long on the palate, this one deserves a big, spicy beef dish.”

What I Think:

Of all the pairs of wine I bought as part of the 5 cent sale this has been the one I experienced the biggest change with from bottle to bottle. Still don’t find it explosive but you do get deep black fruit on the nose and in the mouth where it holds for sometime before fading to a minty, tannic (or should I say peppery) finish. Most Malbec’s I try at the price point, meaning the half off not the retail $9.99, have little of these characteristics that are common in all the finer bottlings. Wish it was at TJ’s I don’t make it to BevMo often enough to take advantage of it, then again at $9.99 I wouldn’t likely want to. Just checked the site again and post nickel sale they have it marked down to $6.99 starting to see how this all works. That makes it buyable but I’m not running. Hope TJ’s gets a good Malbec soon…

Rating: Buy It

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