2005 Zynthesis Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel

Price: $7.52 @ BevMo  (retails at $14.99 a bottle)

What They Said:

Per BevMo “Close to saturation, the generous ’05 Zynthesis Old Vine Zinfandel delivers fully ripened flavors that approach the nuances of sun-dried raisins; excellent with savory stews.”

What I Think:

This is the second half of a nickel sale pair that we opened on short notice as the Shiraz we opened couldn’t stand up to the acidity in the pasta. It’s twin received the highest rating out of the 7 bottles I bought during this sale. Boy was this one a different animal. This one started with perhaps musty garden smells. At one point it almost reminded of cleaning fish, that scaly metallic kind of smell. I was a bit worried that this one had gone bad, certainly a different bottle than the other half of the duo. Previously I remembered identifying the syrah portion of the blend straight off the nose. No such worries tonight. The odors were actually so strong that my wife could not bring herself to drink though after you let it get some air for a few minutes it was a drinkable wine. Once in the mouth it didn’t seem as bad as the smell had been, certainly different but perhaps interesting. It was very musty, with smoky overtones complimented by dark fruit running along the palate. The more air it got the better it tasted. By the end the inkiness I remembered had begun to show its way through. All that being said I think some kind of taint must have been in play and I certainly wouldn’t recommend a bottle that opened smelling like that unless there was a very compelling reason, which this one did not provide. Thus it slips two rungs down the rating scale, warranting a skip.

Rating: Skip It

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