2003 Echelon Central Coast Shiraz

Price: $6.52 @ BevMo (retails at $12.99 a bottle)

What They Said:

Per the winery “The grapes for our Echelon 2003 Shiraz were carefully harvested at night to preserve the freshness of the fruit. After destemming, the fruit was fermented for 9 days in stainless steel, followed by 12 days of skin contact. The wine was racked three times before being transferred into small oak barrels, where it was aged for 12 months, then filtered and bottled.

Our 2003 Shiraz is medium garnet in color, with luscious aromas of dark cherry, blueberries, jam and oak. The wine is medium- to full-bodied, with big, soft tannins on the palate; and mouthfilling, with a long, luscious finish. It is a ripe, deep wine that is very enjoyable upon release, but will also cellar well for several years. Pair it with pizza, pasta and red meats.”

What I Think:

Talk about luck of the draw in a bad way, I opened this bottle because I was enjoying the Holbrook to much and wanted to savor it a few more days. Since I still had the urge for another glass I pulled the cork on this one….

Given that we should probably take this with a grain of salt but again I was not impressed. Had some fruit on the nose and at the front of the palate but as we got towards the middle the tannins were fighting through leaving a bitter taste leading to an almost tart finish. To top it off it had a little bit of the mass produced for mass consumption manufactured taste making it seem void of any varietal characteristics. I still haven’t really recovered from the fact that I thought I was buying Syrah here so perhaps it is the Shiraz factor. I am guessing there is a good reason we don’t grow/make it here. I wish I could remember what Echelon bottlings I have had in the past because I do remember them being better. I may give them another try but it certainly won’t be this Shiraz.

Rating: Skip It

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