2004 Sausal Old Vine Family Zinfandel

Price: $18.00 direct from the winery

What They Said:

Per the winery “The youngest of our Old Vine Zins from vines 50 to 60 years old, this wine distinguishes itself with aromas of blackberry, cherry and nutmeg. With fruit forward flavors that pair nicely with creamy cheese pastas.”

What I Think:

Talk about starting behind the 8 ball. We opened this one the same night we opened the Ridge. In hindsight it would have been more intelligent to base line that wine (and later this one too) against a more moderately priced Zinfandel, say the old faithful Cline from TJ’s. That being said this was a very good wine, it certainly came into its own towards the end of the bottle. It was very full bodied with deep, dark fruit and well integrated tannins. The structure was round and polished in the mouth. Had I been more intelligent I would have saved myself a glass or more to taste sans the Ridge. Don’t have many specifics for you but this was a very good, not spectacular or remarkable in comparison. In the interest of full disclosure I am a member of the Wine Club at Sausal . They are known for their old vine Zinfandels and find me as a fan due to their reasonable pricing. This is the second to last tier on their later. The make a low cost, Cellar Cats ($12), followed by this one before the Family Reserve ($24) and the Ancient Vines ($30). I have enjoyed all of this and it is a great place to taste if you find yourself in Sonoma. On an interesting side note, I wasn’t aware that this wine was available retail until I randomly saw it on the shelf at the Bell Market near my house on the 24th Street. I would prefer not to rate this based on the lack of attention I paid to it, forced to I say, Wow! Why did I open it again! Disappointed in myself there.

Rating: Wow!

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