2005 Badia di Morrona I Soldi del Paretaio Chianti

Price: $8.99 @ The Wine Club imported by Vinity Wine Company

What They Said:

Per K&L Wines “According to the Wine Spectator: “A soft, fruity red, with juicy plum and berry on a light mineral bed. Simple. Drink now.” (Web only, 2006) 90% Sangiovese, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Merlot.”

What I Think:

Are Italians stubborn? Because I know when it comes to their wines I am. If I were smart I would stick to areas that I am more able to appreciate. That said as friends and the world sing the praises of these wines I feel like I am missing the boat! Nobody wants to be that guy, so I keep trying. Maybe you can only get the good ones if you drop a wad of cash though I don’t think that is the case. My latest strategy was only to pair Italian wines with likewise food so this one was opened to accompany a made from scratch sausage pizza. Check it out if you shop at TJ’s. You get a bag with a ball of pre-made dough, a little bowl of sauce and with the cheese and sausages you are off to the races. I know, not quite made from scratch but that is as close as I am getting. To boot the crust comes in whole wheat crust for those that are more health conscious. So with that in the oven this finds its way into my glass.

Taking a look at the wine it looks medium bodied and colored, the upfront fruit seems to initially be that of black cherries and plums before it gives way to what I think of as the barrel characteristics. I’d describe these along the lines of minty, spicy and tannic. On the palate this wine seems almost backwards. It starts with a heavy mouth of closed tannins that gradually start to show sour cherries before opening up to match the initial aromas. Strange…what does it mean? I have no idea so I drink on. As I put the cork in and grab a bottle of Carmenere from the rack I find myself wondering, why do I keep trying?

On day 2 I pull the cork out and am greeted with the same nose but as the wine meets the tongue it is a whole different story. This is a much better wine. Rich, dark fruit has come to the fore and the wine now seems well integrated. The sour notes of the cherries have disappeared and the mint and tannins appear more pleasantly at the end (which is where I always thought they belonged). Perhaps it need more time in the bottle…

This led me to two new thoughts on Italian wine; maybe they are like left over spaghetti. I always enjoy it more the second day after the flavors have had some time to meld in the fridge. The second going back to my thesis at the top is that these wines should only be had with very authentic Italian food; I am thinking more the sweet savory type. When I tried that with the Nero d’ Avola and the Rubino a few weeks back I was pleased with the result. Being the stubborn man that I am (and I’m not Dr. Suess) I’m sure we will see how this revision effects my results. We won’t be doing so with this bottle though, if you have any ideas of which to try do let me know.

Rating: Skip It

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