2005 Vigna del Gelso Malbech

Price: $4.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by Santini Fine Wines

What They Said:

Per quaffability “Quick – I say Malbec, you say… ?

What did you say? Argentina, probably. Maybe Cahors. Perhaps Bordeaux or Napa, if you’re a student of wine history, as the grape has fallen out of favor in both.

Did you know a little Malbec is grown in Veneto? I didn’t, until I spotted this wine at Trader Joe’s. The Italians call it Malbech. Evidently, the warm climate there helps to tame the grape’s notoriously firm grip.

This wine has a plumy nose with a minor herbal element of black tea and tobacco. In the mouth the wine isn’t brooding, like one expects, but supple and surprisingly light. Tannins are soft, the finish is clean. This is interesting and drinkable at this price, though not remarkable, so I would buy one but hold off on buying a case.”

What I Think:

Again, grabbed this when shopping to for the Rocking Horse last week. I had this grand idea of side by side tasting of Malbec from four different countries as I currently had bottles from the US, France and Argentina. It was a thought but it didn’t make it beyond that stage.

I grabbed this for the fajitas the other night when the Riesling wasn’t doing it for me. It did an okay job there. Over the next few days as I tried this wine I found it to be very light bodied. The palate seemed to mainly consist of black cherries that bordered on the sour side. There was nary a tannin to be found. Given that it was Italian and Malbec I thought this had the potential to be of interest but there is nothing to see here besides a simple, light wine. I’d recommend trying another.

Rating: Skip It

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