That’s 100!

 March 22nd to July 10th.  100 bottles of wine in 111 days.  Somebody call AA, really I had lots of help from friends and family but that is still an awful lot of wine.  The average price on these bottles was $10.29 and 69% were red. 

I hope that there are some people out there enjoying these write-ups.  Since adding my blog to search engines the first of this month I have had a 1,000 viewers though no idea how many of these are unique.  Half of what induced me to start this blog was my difficulty in finding information on the plethora of wines available at TJ’s.  I hope this may be helping you weed through some of them.  Any feedback you may have or suggestions on which wines to try are certainly welcome.  And if you have (or do) try ones of these wines please let me know what you think!

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