2004 Rosenblum “Heritage Clone” San Francisco Bay Petite Sirah

Price: $14.99 direct from the winery

What They Said:

Per K&L Wines 92 points Robert Parker: “There are nearly 10,000 cases of the stunning 2004 Petite Sirah Heritage Clone. A dense ruby/purple hue is accompanied by glorious aromas of creme de cassis, vanilla, incense, crushed rocks, blackberries, and smoke. It is a full-bodied, tannic, chewy, rich, pedal-to-the-metal effort with low acidity as well as ripe tannin. The latter two components will make it difficult to resist, but it should age well for 15-20 years.” (08/06)

What I Think:

First off, I apologize for the time between posts. The good news is that I haven’t stopped drinking so there is a backlog that I will try to empty as quickly as possible. Given that, my notes on some may be briefer than normal so bear with me. Now to the wine…

My brother-in-law from Germany came over a few weeks ago for desert. He enjoys wine and even owns a portion of a vineyard in his home country. As I mentioned when tasting the 2005 version of this wine I have almost 3 cases of it in the cellar. Given that I was so impressed I figured it would have half a shot of doing the same with him.

This wine is big, full and even looking at it you can tell by the dark color heavy in alcohol (15%+). On the nose you get just about anything under the sun mild earthy notes to plum through darker fruits before finishing with some chocolate aromas. On the tongue it is silky smooth and very bold, it has rich velvety fruit with smoky overtones. It feels like you can almost chew on this wine. The fruit last through the mid-palate and into the finish before giving way to tannins which are held in balance by what you have just experienced.

Given my interest in aging this wine, as I drank this I tried to imagine how it will continued to develop in the bottle. Parker says it should last for 15-20 years. I am guessing that it will begin to mellow, the fruit, the tannins, the heavy alcohol. I wonder if I will like that better than it is now. Likely I have enough to try it both ways…

Rating: Cellar It

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4 thoughts on “2004 Rosenblum “Heritage Clone” San Francisco Bay Petite Sirah

  1. I whole-heartedly agree. This is my favorite over the last few years. Fruity, smooth, just a trace of tannins. Delicious!

  2. I agree as well, but does anyone know what happened to the subsequent (’05, ’06,…?) vintages of Rosenblum’s once famous Heritage Clones Petite Sirah?

    Could it be that as they made ready to be ‘absorbed’, the Rosenblum team didn’t invest the proper amount of TLC necessary to assure this inky delight remained the elegantly perfect quaff it once had been?

    What do you think? I feel somehow jilted…this once voluptuous temptress now turning up way too skinny to fill the glass and fulfill my dreams of a once super rich Petite Sirah…?

    If you would like to meet her even more attractive girlfriend…the librarian with tortoise shell glasses…who will startle you, try the Concannon Limited Release Central Coast Petite Sirah at the same price point.


  3. @ZinZen I am a member of the Rosenblum wine club, solely based on this offering, and had the ’05 which was still good but not a knock out. The ’06 is on their site now so no need to feel jilted. That said should I come across the Concannon I will give it a try…

  4. We used to carry this one in our TJ’s and I was very sorry to see it go (don’t know why it disappeared). It was one of my go to Petite Sirahs. We still carry their 2007 Syrah which is quite nice for the price.

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