2005 Archero Nero d’ Avola Ruggero di Tasso

Price: $3.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by D’Aquino Italian Imports

What They Said:

Per quaffability (for the 2003 version) “This is a jelly-jar wine, and it went fine with grilled tri-tip served with Arugula salad and Parmesan. I’ve never been to Sicily but I can certainly imagine knocking back this stuff by the carafe in a cafe there. It’s an anti-Parkerized wine. Very light in body, fruity and juicy, without much extract and virtually no tannin. Very little acid, too, so there is a sense of roundness as well as lightness.

The wine is not complex at all it’s just juicy with strawberries, raspberries and cherries. Definitely Quaffable, this would not be bad at all chilled or even on ice.”

What I Think:

My struggles with Italian wine have been almost as covered as the Paris Hilton goes to jail story. That said whenever I visit Delfina Pizzeria they usually have a varietal on the menu there that I have never heard of but enjoy. They turned me on to Aglianico sometime ago. When walking by the other day I just glimpsed and noticed a few Nero d’ Avola offerings on their wine list. It made me smile as I had found this Archero bottling at TJ’s.

So a few nights after walking by I decided to open a bottle to eat with my gourmet TJ’s Mac & Cheese. It was kind of pasta so Italian wine seemed like a good idea. The fruit flavors were definitely present and forward, seeming almost jammy like on the palate. A nice wine but not with this food. I finished it with a glass of milk before enjoying a glass of this as a digestive. I think this one is still best suited to play the role of getting pulled out towards the end of the evening…Of for those of you that like a different wine before dinner this would certainly be an option then as well. TJ’s was nearly out last time I checked but if I find it I am certainly game for a few more bottles at this price.

Rating: Buy It

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One thought on “2005 Archero Nero d’ Avola Ruggero di Tasso

  1. I enjoyed another bottle of this the other night in it’s typical after dinner capacity where it serves as a guilt free option for popping a cork for one more glass before bedtime. Still a winner. If of interest I compared this one to the Aquila d’Oro Toscana in the comments on that post.

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