2005 Mark West California Pinot Noir

Price: $9.99 @ The Wine Club

What They Said:

Per the winery “Enticing aroma of cherry/raspberry pie and cola berry interwine with barrel notes of candied vanilla and spice. Oak aging rounds out the palate and gives the wine its body. Deep rich berry compote flavors. Pinot from beginning to silky finish.”

What I Think:

This wine is an interesting blend. 85% Pinot, 13% Syrah and 2% Chardonnay with 66% Central Coast grapes, 22% Sonoma, 4% Napa, 3% Mendocino and 5% from elsewhere. As I read that and open the bottle I begin to wonder what I will find inside.

Interesting nose, what is it…familiar but eluding. Let’s get the aroma wheel out and see if that helps. On first impression the wine seems very elegant. Is it complex or just full of flavors? Is there even a difference? Loads of light berries, which are the lightest? I usually think raspberry but these seem even lighter. Are there hints of cherries? Everyone should try this wine. There is so much going on that just trying to figure it out is worth the money alone. You can never quite put your finger on it but one thing is for sure you’ll keep coming back for more. And even after you are done you are still wondering what you just had.

This may be interesting to try in unison with the Rabbit Ridge I had a while back. I could certainly draw some comparisons between the two and I would be interested to see if this Mark West holds up against that wine as well as I think it would. As I intend to grab a half case, good Pinot at this price is close to a no brainer, of this one in the very near future we may have the opportunity to find out.

Rating: Buy It

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