2005 Martin Estate Chardonnay, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County

Price: $14.00 direct from the winery

What They Said:

Per the winery “From the home ranch in Dry Creek Valley, this rich and creamy chardonnay is a big favorite with our customers. Made in a rich ebullient style with hints of butter and caramel, this lovely chardonnay has a great mouthfeel and long lingering finish.”

What I Think:

When tasting in Dry Creek some week back I decided to drop into Martin Family Vineyards, good decision. I still have the flyer here and am likely to join their wine club in the near future. While there I picked up this Chardonnay. Sadly, it appears this was the last time the Chardonnay will be available. Most of the fruit was usually sold, I believe to Clos du Bois, and apparently the business plan had changed and these vines were uprooted. Perhaps I will order more before the last of it disappears…

From the get go an impressive wine. Crisp, rich, opulent mouth feel with white spicy fruits edging on citrus followed by traditional vanilla and butter flavors on finish. I recently learned that the butter is not the barrel as I have long thought. Instead it is malolactic fermentation. Not sure if that is true but worth following up on. That said these flavors aren’t overbearing and the fruit shines through. From someone that would never be confused with a Chard fan I was quite impressed. Should have saved some more to enjoy!

Rating: Wow!

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