2004 Chasing Clouds Central Ranges Shiraz

Price: $2.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by Cumulus Wines

What They Said:

Per corkd.com we get a variety of insight from others like me. Here is the best of the bunch “Some jammy plum in the nose w/ light tannin & blackberry. The taste is light in body but juicy, with some tannin but some sweetness as well. Only a hint of the typical Shiraz pepper.”

What I Think:

As for the research this one seems to come from Cumulus Wines though they don’t acknowledge it there. Given that this is a newer winery perhaps these are the planting they don’t consider up to snuff at this time. If that were the case I would expect them to relabel the wine but perhaps not. I have reason to believe they are behind the “Block 50” offerings we have been seeing at TJ’s as well.

Now to the main event, a bit of barnyard and earthiness in the nose with dark fruits and chocolate lingering within. Interesting but not the most pleasant. On the palate this holds itself together quite well for the $3 investment. This is not a typical Shiraz as the white pepper I expect is absent as is the richness of the fruit. That said while the wine is light the finish lasts longer than one would expect at this price range. A bit thin perhaps to those on the pickier side but at this price point this is the best bang for the buck. If Aussie isn’t your thing drop the extra dollar for this 2006 Abrazo Del Toro Carinena Tinto, otherwise don’t hesitate to put a bottle in the cart.

Rating: 12th Bottle

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2 thoughts on “2004 Chasing Clouds Central Ranges Shiraz

  1. Interestingly, the other night I tried the Block 50 which is twice the cost of this one side by side. I far preferred this one…perhaps I should try it against the Yellow Tail…Until then buy away!

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