Welcome to my new home! The WordPress hosting treated me kindly but it wasn’t delivering the type of engagement I wanted to share with my audience. Given that by day I work at an interactive agency I figured I could put some of my learnings to use here. That said I have added the following:

  • Subscribe via RSS up top and more available (comments too)
  • Enabled email subscription
  • Added functionality for you to rate the wines
  • Made social bookmarking available

Also, just to be clear this wasn’t completely altruistic; I did sprinkle some advertising in as a test. Should you find it annoying leave me a comment here. Also, as I loaded this up with many plug-ins let me know if the overall site performance has become a distraction.

That said, have at it! Please use the new interactive features and let me know what you think! I hope you find the new experience engaging!

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