2004 Evans & Tate Cabernet Sauvignon Underground Series

Price: $3.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by Scott Street Portfolio

What They Said:

Per the distributor or at least I thought so. As you can see her no links for the 2004 Cab nor the ’03. I emailed them to see if they had anything but no response. Wonder what gives. Nothing to be found anywhere on the internet for the ’04. I remember hearing about them going bankrupt. Is that it? Think the sold the whole lot to TJ’s?

What I Think:

This one was a surprise which makes my experience described above even more confounding. I know this winery is located in Western Australia in the Margaret River region. Given that the rest of their bottlings are from this area I am guessing the majority of the fruit for this one must be as well. On the nose you get loads of dark fruit with hints of pepper and spice. The fruit follows in the mouth with spicy overtones leading through to a finish of black fruits that lingers nicely. This wine isn’t complex but it is quaffable and enjoyable. Not sure you can ask for much more at $4. It’s also a screwcap to boot!

Rating: Buy It

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2 thoughts on “2004 Evans & Tate Cabernet Sauvignon Underground Series

  1. O.K. Your comment swayed me :) And, yes, I agree (on certain wines). I’ll have to see what you recommend and check it out. We moved to SW Washington from Utah (where ALL wine was overpriced),so we’re always looking for a great buy.

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