NV Schloss Biebrich Sekt

Schloss Biebrich SektPrice: $4.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by Mutual Wholesale Liquor

What They Said:

Per Good Wine Under $20 “Bright and floral, this wine was almost as translucent and colorless as water. It had a modest apple aroma, and when the wine was poured in the glass there was an alarming amount of froth (ok, mousse for the geeks out there). Usually wines with lots of froth/mousse the bubbles are big and harsh, but the Schloss Biebrich bubbles were smooth and small. On the palate, there wasn’t a harsh or bitter note, just warm pears flavors and a lingering impression of flowers on the finish.”

What I Think:

On request I decided to give a sparkler a try. After finding it on Good Wine Under $20 I felt quite lucky after more or less randomly pulling this one off the shelves at Trader Joe’s. Reading the review there I learned a lot about Sekt. Never would have guessed Germany consumed the most sparkling wine of any country in the world. I tried to find out what grape this was made of to no avail. Dr. Debs is guessing Riesling so I will get on that bandwagon. Another interesting fact, per all of my friends at wikipedia, is that most Sekt is made partially of grapes from outside the country. As Sekt made exclusively from German grapes can be labeled as Deutscher Sekt I think it is safe to guess this bottling is among those containing foreign grapes.

Now on to the main event, the color on this one is very light…could I guess a color? Almost clear, I guess I would say platinum. Subdued at first on the nose, then crisp white fruit aromas appear, seems to be mostly pear with hints of apples and peaches. Doesn’t look to bubbly in the glass but seems to be popping in the mouth. The palate starts full and rich, towards the middle the bubbles kick in full force. I mean more bubbles than I have ever experienced.  The finish is light and crisp, a hint tart almost similar to a Sauvignon Blanc. This was not overly sweet, like some German Rieslings, which is what I was expecting. An excellent value! I usually only have sparklers as an aperitif. Next time I try this one I think I’ll do so with an Indian or Thai dish and see how that goes…

By the way, if you are like me and rarely drink sparkling wine there is more good news. After opening this one I put the original cork back in for a week and it held just fine. In fact today is day 9 and it is still drinking fine. Enjoy!

Anyone else have a request before I buy another bottle of sparkling?

Rating: Buy It

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10 thoughts on “NV Schloss Biebrich Sekt

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  2. Rochelle, I missed you on the lunch menu for this one but from your post it seems you didn’t need my help after all. I just tried another sparkler, this Prosecco and wanted to recommend that one as well. Next up is a Cava.

  3. Once again, I have linked to your review from my own (this will likely happen again . . .duh duh dum). Agree that it was a really nice sparkler, with great flavor, though it was more orange to me that your listed fruits. I will have to look for your cava review — I didn’t like the one I’ve tried.

  4. My Trader Joes store in Westfield NJ may not carry this great champagne anymore they told me yesterday!! They didnt have any, is this true? sad if so.

  5. Todd, I work in the Westfield store. It should be back any day now, as soon as we get the next shipment from the distributor. Deliveries are still off the usual schedule because of Thanksgiving, but if you call during the week we’ll be happy to let you know if it’s back. There will also be a new red demi-sec Schloss.

  6. It’s definitely a Riesling. I grew up in Wiesbaden and was lucky enough to take several tours of the winery. They never mentioned using any grapes other than those grown on the property.

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  8. This is my favorite “champagne/sparkling wine”….. and don’t forget, it comes from good stock… Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei

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