2006 Falcon Ridge Syrah

Price: $5.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

A multitude of opinions on this one in the blogsphere but no luck finding any information from the winemaker here…All I can tell you as they seem to be negociant as they appear to be located in Healdsburg but make Syrah in the Central Coast and Zinfandel from Lodi.

What I Think:

After reading this post I added this one to my shopping list and looked forward to giving it a try. Upon opening it you were greeted with a spicy nose, heavy in tannins. On the palate black fruit was apparent early but quickly disappeared and left you with a mineralish finish again heavy in tannins. Think they did some work on this one in the lab. I certainly can’t recommend it, especially with this Gravity Hills Syrah available.

Rating: Skip It

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5 thoughts on “2006 Falcon Ridge Syrah

  1. I quoted this review over at my own blog site.
    I liked it a bit better than you did, but agree–skipping it would be fine. There was an awful lot of tobacco with only a little bit of blackberry presence in my bottle.

    • This one has been gone in NorCal for quite some time. Is it still available in your neck of the woods? Your post mentioning your tongue being stripped by acidity made me revisit my tasting notes and this one was indeed loaded with tannins. I’m looking forward to trying the VINTJS Syrah soon…

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