The New Two Buck Chuck?

Look out Trader Joe’s!  Walmart wants a piece of your Charles Shaw action.  They, as many others before them, are launching their own low cost label; Oak Leaf.  This from Wine & Spirits Daily:

“In a world where cheap wines generally hail from other countries, Wal-Mart’s private label Oak Leaf wine is joining the ranks of Two Buck Chuck, selling for less than $3 a bottle but to a much bigger consumer base than Trader Joe’s. Oak Leaf took gold and bronze at this year’s wine competition at the Florida State fair and even appeared in Oprah’s “O” magazine. Wal-Mart partners with The Wine Group to produce Oak Leaf. Oak Leaf is almost sure to see a spike in sales as the sour economy encourages consumers to save money, trade-down, and – as you’d have it – shop at Wal-Mart.”

Looks like they have a pretty good marketing push behind this one.  No Walmart’s in San Francisco.  Someone else want to give one of these a try and send me a review?  I’ll be happy to post it.

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2 thoughts on “The New Two Buck Chuck?

  1. Not much of a Walmart shopper so haven’t sampled this one. Had some Charles Shaw over the holidays and realized it doesn’t deserve the scorn directed its way. It is probably as good as 35% of the bottles I have at Trader Joe’s and each of those is double the price minimum. That said I enjoy the exploration of wine drinking way too much to head down that path…

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