For those of you that just can’t get updates fast enough I have decided to add a twitter feed to my arsenal…for those interested you can follow it via the sidebar or directly via twitter.

For those of you growing impatient, the Top 10 post is being written now, should be posted tomorrow latest…In the meantime maybe I should get on Facebook as well…

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3 thoughts on “Twitter…

  1. Hi Jason,

    I just discovered your blog and I am obsessed! I live around the corner from a TJ wine shop, so I am a very frequent shopper there. I JUST joined twitter and I want to track your blog that way, but I have a bit of a dumb question…how do I find you on twitter? What are you listed under?

    Thanks so much!

  2. @Kayte was just getting ready to respond but saw you literally just figured it out… I’m also on Facebook and can be found as Jason’s WineBlog if interested. Thanks for the comment!

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