2007 Chateau Bois de Lamothe Cotes de Duras Red

2007 Chateau Bois de Lamothe Cotes de Duras RedPrice: $3.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by L. Watson Inc.

What They Said:

Per Coffee Like Wine Another great affordable wine. I think I got this for less than $10 at Trader Joe’s.

On the nose, lots of green veggies, especially asparagus, as well as some red berries.

In the mouth, the asparagus flavor carries through from the nose, and there are also cranberries and some herbs. This is a very tart wine, good acidity and some tannins on the finish. At 12.5 percent alcohol level, this is a wine you can drink several glasses of during dinner and not stagger away in a daze.

Red wines made from the Cotes de Duras region use Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec grapes, according to The Wine Info Site.

What I Think:

Not sure what made me grab this but when I did I was sure it was from the south of France, but it appears the Duras neighbors Bordeaux. On opening the nose is super green or is it all mint? Nice light tannin taste, not much fruit. With time the nose is getting interesting, sensing some spice. Start thinking grenache based but can’t be given the region. Where does the dryness come from….Cab Franc? Bet your bottom dollar I am buying another bottle to try and figure it out. For now let’s call it a 12th bottle but stay tuned for more…

btw, found this blend percentage randomly in my notes Merlot 52%, Cabernet Sauvignon 27%, Cabernet Franc 20%, and Malbec 1%. Thinking I must have gotten it off the bottle. Will confirm when I grab another.

Rating: 12th Bottle

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3 thoughts on “2007 Chateau Bois de Lamothe Cotes de Duras Red

  1. I’m having some right now, the 2009. Still $3.99 at Trader Joe’s in 2011. Hard time believing its as heavy on the Merlot as I like it so much better than the Merlot heavy cheap bordeaux that I’ve tried. As for pairing, Rob, I’m having it with roasted portobella mushroom,
    Yorkshire pudding. Used the wine in the mushroom gravy too. I think Jason’s tasting and nose notes still hold true for the 2009, except that I’m not really getting the asparagus.

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