2007 Clay Station Viognier

2007 Clay Station ViognierPrice: $3.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Per the bottle “Viognier (vee-oh-NYAY) is an elegant, aromatic wine that pairs well with many foods including scallops, pasta with pest and Szechwan green beans. Our Viognier displays notes of honeysuckle, jasmine and orange blossom layered with juicy guava and peach character for a refreshing finish that lingers.”

What I Think:

I got tipped off on this one by my Trader Joe’s insider Angela. I struck out the first time I tracked this down but had success in round two. Good thing as a trip to BevMo would have cost me $11 while TJ’s rings it up at $4. Per the bottle Clay Station describes themselves as “formerly a nineteenth century stage coach stop, offers wines crafted for the adventurous palate. Created from rare or more difficult to grow grape varieties, these wines deliver refreshing aromatic whites and boldly structured reds.” Per their site they make a Zinfandel, a Petite Sirah and Pinot Gris. I’ve heard via the comments Trader Joe’s has the Zinfandel, yet to see it myself though Angela gives it at least one thumb down. I’ll likely try it anyhow and dream of one day seeing the Petite Sirah…

Now onto the wine; on the first day this one was a bit over the top, or better said forward. Day three textbook Viognier. Pretty nose of honey & fresh cut flowers. On the palate you get the same floral tastes with hints of peach and lemon notes on the finish. Viscosity disappears beyond mid-palate. Nice, long tart end over a citrus backbone. All the reasons Viognier is my favorite “hearty” white wine.

Rating: Buy It

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