2006 Albero Tempranillo

2006 Albero TempranilloPrice: $5.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by Latitude Wines

What They Said:

Per the bottle “Tempranillo Barrica is made by Spain’s Oldest Estate Bottled Winery. Spain’s finest, proudly made with hand selected certified organically grown grapes. Albero Tempranillo Barrica is perfect when enjoying with friends or in giving the gift of wine.” <– thanks for all the helpful information :)

What I Think:

Reading the bottle I find two bits of information for me to start my investigation. The first is to Iranzo Vineyards. Checking the site there is no mention of this offering there. As we learned from the Terrenal Mendoza Cab it could be the case that they are relabeling one of the offerings we see here as the Albero that landed in Trader Joe’s. That is pure speculation of course. The second clue is to Latitude Wines. If anyone from either of these companies is listening I have some advice. Please, I repeat please, never post your web address somewhere (like the bottle!) when you have nothing for me to see on the other end!

Ok, got that off my chest. Now let’s move on to the main event, the wine. As you can see from above the world, nor the winery, has much to say about this one. My friend @oenanist does. He tipped me off to this one via comments and posted a review on cork’d as well. What did I think? On the nose I sensed dark fruit with hints of spice (and possibly some green vegetal) aromas. Sage? Or maybe it was floral, violets? On the palate a nice dose of cherries greeted me that turned a bit sour towards the mid-palate. That was followed by a nice dry finish on the back of the throat that tickled with light tannins. This was night 5, hardly remember day 1 but it seems a lot smoother. Compared to a typical light, juicy Tempranillo this one seems a bit heavier in the mouth and darker in fruit. My verdict, drinkable but not all that memorable. I’d stick with the Raimat over this one but that is just my opinion. Let me know what you think…

Rating: 12th Bottle

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7 thoughts on “2006 Albero Tempranillo

  1. ….try the Monestrall (mourvedre) red label. As a long time T.J. employee, I was impressed. Lots of leather/earth notes. It held up over a number of days, which is an indicator of quality.

  2. @carl I have the Monastrell at home now, I’ll get to it after the holidays. You just raised my expectations :) Which TJ’s did/do you call home? I know we have @Angela in Alameda and @Diane from Ventura. Welcome and look forward to more of your thoughts!

  3. This one was part of the recent Trader Joe’s Ten For The Tasting (pdf). Here were their notes: “A really juicy, sink-your teeth- in wine. Tempranillo is one of the most famous of Spain’s native grapes and gusto for the “little early one,” as its moniker translates, is really beginning to take off here. This 100% Tempranillo is approachable with captivatingly complex (but not too challenging) characteristics – kind of like a blind date that delivers. The fresh raspberry and cherry flavors are laced with earthy undertones and hints of vanilla and spice. Peppery spice. It’s a fruity wine with smooth tannins that, allowed to breathe, only develops more depth. An incredible value at $5.99 for a 750 ml bottle, it’s really worth getting to know… (sigh)… if only more blind dates were like Albero Tempranillo.”

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