2007 Pancake Cellars Big Day White

2007 Pancake Cellars Big Day WhitePrice: $4.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Per corkd.com courtesy of bjwdad; “The nose has scents of pear, lychee and spice. And Gewürztraminer dominates the taste, even at only 12% of the stated blend. This wine is DELICIOUS, and one of the best whites I’ve ever experienced!! Outstanding value, to say the least.”

What I Think:

This label was hard to resist. Again the blend looked intriguing and as I grabbed the bottle to give it a read I got the idea that this was made by the same outfit behind my beloved Franc Merlot. At that point it was just a matter of resisting the urge to put more than one bottle in the cart. I am still trying to validate that these were indeed products of the same winemaker. The Pancake Cellars was made by Central Coast Wine and the Franc Merlot by the Central Coast Wine Warehouse. I was able to track down an email address from the latter and asked for confirmation. I’ll let you know what (if) I hear back.

Now for what was in the bottle. This one was a blend of 60% Sauvignon Blanc, 27% Chardonnay, 12% Gewurztraminer and 1% Pinot Blanc. On the nose it was clean, with light notes of white fruit and minerals. On the tongue it was well balanced. The sauvignon blanc leads while the chardonnay holds through the mid-palate and lingers through the finish. In the finish just a hint of the gewürztraminer sweetness shows itself, from the above review I was expecting much more. All in all, my initial inclination is that this wine isn’t all that distinguishable. That could be taken as a negative but the plus side is that this blend will pair nicely with virtually any food. I prefer the Synergy but perhaps a side by side tasting is in order. Yeah, that works. I’ll grab a bottle and check back in with a second opinion. For now this seems like a 12th bottle.

Rating: 12th Bottle

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22 thoughts on “2007 Pancake Cellars Big Day White

  1. It is from Central Coast Wine Warehouse like Franc Merlot. An interesting blend of white wine grapes. The gewurz was the most easily detected of the blend. A good wine to have around if you are bringing friends over after a night out. Nothing bad about it, good price, good company will make the evening not this wine.

  2. @rjh Glad you enjoyed it, you inspired me to give it another try!

    @TfjwIII Thanks for confirming this is from the same maker as the Franc Merlot. Love your focus here on the company making an evening, one that can be used often.

  3. I randomly grabbed this for a potluck at my house and was pleasantly surprised. It went over well and I was glad to find something under five dollars. I love wine but I just don’t have the means to drink expensive wine. And I know I don’t have to.


  4. We bought this bottle of wine at Trader Joe’s simply because it had a cute label and was cheap! We drank it last night and it was very enjoyable. Back to TJ’s today to get some more as we only bought one bottle to try.

    • @Jennifer This one was a TJ’s only offering as far as I know. Many of us are hoping the 2008 vintage shows up soon. If it does and I see it I’ll let you know…

  5. Got a bottle of this wine for Christmas. Haven’t tried it yet but I just LOVE the artwork on the bottle. Is it possible to find out who the artist is? Why isn’t his or her name on the label???

  6. @denny The ’08 never showed up in northern California. How was it?

    @Laurie It isn’t typical for a label artist to get credit on the bottle. Perhaps too many artists in the kitchen. That said in this case I thought I crossed paths with the individual somehow. Did some searching tonight and can’t seem to recollect how. If I do I will certainly share the info!

  7. Thank you Jason! I’m not exactly sure this tells me who the artist is but it’s still good information. (I mean — I assume this Proof Wine Marketing is a marketing company and not the people/person/company who actually did the artwork). Anyway, I thought the artwork was so interesting and will keep my eye on that website. Waiting for the right occasion to try the wine. I’m in Western NY where 6 months of snow is not uncommon, so the wine tasting occasion may simply be the result of being snowbound and unable to resist trying something new! Thanks again!

  8. The 09 version of this wine just showed up at my Trader Joe’s in Southern California. I’m looking forward to trying it.

  9. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be keeping an eye out for it here in the Bay Area… Please let us know what you think when you get a chance to try it!

  10. 2009 Big Day White

    27% Chard, 24% Sauv Blanc, 24% Viognier, 21% Miscat Canelli, 4% Pinot Blanc.

    Good fragrance & lots of flavor, a little green, but nonetheless a terrific buy for $4.99 at TJ.

    I’m going back for a case.

  11. They’ve discontinued it at the Trader Joe’s here in North Carolina. I can’t find any info about this wine online. Does anyone know if it’s still available anywhere?

  12. Hi Jason~

    I tried Pancake Cellar’s Big Day White at the beginning of the summer and absolutely fell in love with the taste (and the label). I LOVE it!! Problem is, had I known I was going to love it so much, I would have purchased the whole shipment for myself. Turns out my local Trader Joe’s is having issues getting any more of this fabulous wine. I keep checking and I have added my name to the list of Big Day White fans for Trader Joe’s to call when it is finally shipped but I’m starting to lose hope. Can you……since you are the expert…..recommend any other label that would be anywhere close to the blend that makes up this fine tasting wine?
    Thanks in advance!!

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