Adios 2008, Hello 2009

photo by littlemoresunshineInspired by Dr. Deb’s question “Have you taken time to review your 2008 wine habits?” in her post on Good Wines Under $20 I decided to take a peak under the hood and look back on 2008.  I have a little home grown application I use to manage and track my inventory which helped me pull together some numbers.

In 2008, I tasted 313 wines with an average cost per bottle of $8.93 which was about 11% lower than my 2007 average of $10.03.  Trying to stay ahead of the economy J.  The more likely reason was a greater focus on Trader Joe’s where I purchased 72% of mine wine up from 44% a year earlier.  K&L purchases were down 50% and BevMo and The Wine Club were removed from the shopping itinerary.

224 (72%) of the bottles were red.  Strangely this was the same exact number of bottles purchased at Trader Joe’s.  The number was a modest decrease from the 76% of ’07 likely resulting from the result of my first real summer in years after moving out of San Francisco.  2005 was again the most prevalent vintage consumed at 35% though less so than the 48% of the year before.  2006 did replace 2004 in 2nd.

These wines spanned 39 grapes from 12 countries representing 41 different major wine regions.  Surprisingly only 55% were from the US, I expected the number to be higher.  The Red Blends dominated the top spot and were followed by Cabernet and Zinfandel in the 2nd and 3rd spot.  Rosenblum, Navarro, Epicuro and Columbia Crest were the four labels exceeding 10+ bottles consumed for the year.  The cheapest was the 2005 Amaicha Bonarda at $2 and the most expensive was the 2004 Châteauneuf-du-Pape Domaine de Marcoux at $45

Ah the brink of 2009, what are my wine resolutions?  Keep expanding my horizons.  I love finding new grapes and new regions.  Think I may spend a little more time searching for these unique offerings outside of Trader Joe’s.  The second is to drop some wine clubs, the economy L.  The last few are around blogging and the site.  For blogging, be more regular.  Had a great run there at the end of the year with 8 posts in 8 days.  Also took a few months off.  So I’ll try to balance it out a little better.  On site, I am going to keep on experimenting with new things.  I added Facebook Connect (bottom of the right hand column on the home page) and am in the middle of working on a new design.  Here is a sneak peek.  Let me know what features and/or functionality you would like to see added…

More than anything I look forward to sharing another year of adventures with all of you. We have a great community here and I appreciate all your comments, recommendations and support and look forward to more of the same in 2009.  Now, let me get to work on some of those new posts…

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2 thoughts on “Adios 2008, Hello 2009

  1. That’s very cool that you were able to track that data so well, and thanks for sharing it. 313 bottles! Surely you must have help drinking them, or some of them were just tastes and not full bottles consumed, right?

    I used Corkd for tasting notes last year so I can’t compare data. I just started using CellarTracker instead and I’ve been very pleased with it so far. I believe I could pull similar data with CellarTracker so I’ll check back at the end of 2009 to let you know how I did.

    An interesting debate, I think, for any value minded wine drinker is this: If your average spend is $10 per bottle and you’re thinking of which 3 bottles to buy, would you be rather drink two $2 bottles and one $26 bottle? Or 3 $10 bottles? I’ve gone back and forth on that myself- I’d be interested in hearing what your thoughts are.

    The site redesign preview looks snazzy- looking forward to it.


  2. @Bob Dwyer Certainly had more than my fair share of help (host lots of dinner parties) but for the most part they were by the bottle. As to the debate, interesting. For me it comes down to my wine club membership. My average cost at Trader Joe’s is $5.40 so you can see they drive a good share of the cost. I’ll likely trim those back and see if I can find some more unique selections in the retail space. My balance is close to right for me, just need a little more variety when I am digging deeper into the wallet…

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