2000 Jade Mountain Mourvedre

2000 Jade Mountain MourvedrePrice: $16.99 @ BevMo

What They Said:

Per the winery (pdf) “The old vines, combined with low yields of two tons per acre, transform this normally rustic red grape into a fine complex red wine that is both hearty and satisfying. Mourvèdre is broadly planted in the famed Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation in the southern Rhône valley, but it is seldom bottled as a single variety. Its characteristic aromas of pepper, spice and sweet tobacco are mixed with raspberry and blackberry fruit that linger on the palate. The wine’s dense flavor and silky tannin make it versatile for food pairing. The 2000 vintage shows great concentration and is meant for the richest foods of Southern France and the Mediterranean. Mourvèdre is a perfect partner for leg of lamb, Mediterranean beef stew, pasta primavera, and grilled fish, such as sea bass. In warm weather, chill this wine to 50 degrees and serve it with summer barbecue to enjoy its complex, delicious fruit flavors. Optimum time for consumption 2002—2012″

What I Think:

I’ve had this one since almost the beginning of time, my wine drinking time that is. One of my early splurges which I have looked at year after year. For those that may not be familiar with Mourvedre it most commonly appears in Rhone blends along with Grenache and Syrah. Until I took a look at the pdf I tracked down I had forgotten that Jade Mountain was part of the much larger Chalone Wine Group.

Not sure why it lasted so long nor why I decided to open it this given night but I am very thankful I did. The nose was subdued seeming a bit smoky and warm. It hits heavy at the front of the palate, seems almost inky and shadows the presence of dark purple fruit. The flavors turn to dark berries (blackberry and boysenberry) and towards the end of palate the wine turns slightly chewy leading to a great tangy, nice tannic finish. This was much richer and deeper that I would have initially thought. A very complex powering that doesn’t over power, certainly leaning towards the old world in style. I’m a fan. I’m also looking to try a few more of Jade’s offerings, I asked for tips on twitter and @JugShop recommended the La Provencale. Anyone here have tips for me? As for this one is an early wine of the year favorite and could start a Mourvedre buying and drinking run… Anyone want to come along for the ride?

Rating: Wow!

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6 thoughts on “2000 Jade Mountain Mourvedre

  1. Jason,

    I will definitely look for this. Thanks! Although I must say my last mourvedre (Cline) was disgusting. When I posted on Chow.com about it, I got an earful about mourvedre’s penchant for “barnyard” or even “shit-scent.” It made me a bit leery of the grape. But for you, I’ll try again.

    That said, last night we had the Albero Tempranillo (Trader Joe’s) and it was OUTSTANDING! Best wine of 09 for us so far. Thanks for your intrepid tasting. And I’m back to TJ to grab as much Albero as I can before it too vanishes.

  2. Jade Mountain certainly doesn’t want any traffic to their website, based on the gauntlet of information required.
    I guess I’ll pass on their wine; anyone stupid enough to require all of that to view a page, does not need my business, no matter if they made the finest wine in the world.

  3. @sparkleball_lady I’ve had the Albero Tempranillo as well, just grabbed another bottle to reconfim my original prognosis. That said, Albero has a Monastrell as well which is Spanish for, your guessed it, Mourvedre. Maybe you should give that one a try.

    @Don Chambers I was likewise appalled given I do digital marketing for my day job. Sent them an email saying so but never heard back…

  4. Jade Mountain Lake County Syrah (07) from World Market for $7.99 is fantastic. Should give that one a try if there is still any around. A big fruit bomb well worth the price.

  5. If you are looking for an amazing Mourvedre go to Donkey and Goat and let me know what you think. A little more than 7.99 but worth every penny.

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