Bronco Wine Company & Trader Joe’s Wine

 Charles Shaw fills Trader Joe’s wine aisle
As noted on twitter a few days ago I was surprised to see that Wikipedia had removed the listing of brands associated with the Bronco Wine Company, who happens to be the winery behind Charles Shaw a.k.a Two Buck Chuck. It appears it was removed based on the following policy; Wikipedia is not a wine guide. Not sure I agree but I am saddened. I viewed this as an invaluable resource to us Trader Joe’s wine shoppers to help confirm our suspicions of what we are seeing in the aisles. Given that I plan to step in and fill the void by maintaining a list of brands and labels produced by the Bronco Wine Company.

Here is the list as it last existed on Wikipedia:

* Albertoni Vineyards
* Alexander and Fitch
* Almond Creek
* Bad Dog Ranch
* Bears’ Lair
* Black Mountain
* Blue Fin
* Carmenet Vineyards
* CC Vineyards
* Cedar Brook
* Charles Shaw, AKA Two Buck Chuck
* Chateau California
* Coastal Ridge
* Coastal Vines
* Congress Springs
* Crane Lake
* Domaine Laurier
* Domaine Napa
* Dona Sol
* Douglass Hill
* Down Under
* Estrella
* Fat Cat
* Forest Glen
* Forest Hill
* ForestVille
* Foxbrook
* FoxHollow
* Grand Cru
* Green Fin
* Grove Ridge
* Hacienda
* Harlow Ridge
* JW Morris
* JFJ Winery
* Laurier
* Montpellier
* Napa Creek
* Napa Crossing
* Napa Landing
* Napa Ridge
* Napa River
* Oak Vineyards
* Pacific Oasis
* Quail Creek
* Quail Ridge
* Raymond Hill
* Redwood
* Rock Brook
* Rutherford Vintners
* Salmon Creek
* Santa Barbara Crossing
* Santa Barbara Landing
* Sea Ridge
* Silver Ridge
* The California Winery
* Thousand Oaks
* Three Knights Vineyards
* Trellis

If you know of any additions let me know and I will keep the list up to date!

Editor’s Note (05-Jun-2009): I added Blue Fin to the list based on the comment, and validation of it, below. Let me know if anyone is aware of others that need to be added.

Editor’s Note (19-Oct-2009): I added Carmenet Vineyards to the list based on the tip from Tom Murray below.

Editor’s Note (16-Feb-2010): Added Green Fin based on the tip from Don below. Let me know if anyone is aware of others that need to be added.

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51 thoughts on “Bronco Wine Company & Trader Joe’s Wine

  1. To the faithful of the Bronco empire…what’s happened to Bear’s Lair? The Chardonnay blend so labeled had been a mainstay as a quotidien white at my table and occasionally I served the Merlot or the Viognier at parties. These were certainly no masterpiece, but often a notch higher than the Aussie yellowtails or other mass-market brands. My calendar says I haven’t seen a Bear’s Lair at TJ’s in 11 weeks, which to me says it’s no longer on the list. Problem for me is finding a replacement. Any suggestions, cognoscenti of the everyday quaff?

  2. Hi DP

    I have no idea on HR5034. The backers of this law make a lot of political contributions and in this environment –politicians need a lot of money to convince everyone that they indeed have done a good job and should be re-elected. Anything that affects shipping would be a disaster to small family wineries that are already treading water as they can not get distribution

  3. For all you Trader Joe Charles Shaw yuppie wine drinkers:

    “in 1993 Franzia and Bronco Wine Company were indicted on federal charges of conspiracy to defraud by misrepresenting cheaper grapes as premium Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon. Bronco pleaded no contest and paid a $2.5 million fine. Franzia also pled guilty for his involvement, paid a $500,000 fine

    On May 16, 2008, a pregnant, 17 year-old immigrant worker named Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez collapsed and later died while pruning vines at a vineyard east of Stockton, CA owned by West Coast Grape Farming, a division of Bronco Wines. According to witnesses, foremen did nothing to aid Vasquez Jimenez until at least five minutes after she collapsed. Vasquez Jimenez and her fellow laborers were allowed only one water break per day, with each work day lasting at least ten hours.

    Additionally, the only water source provided for Vasquez Jimenez and her fellow workers was a 10-minute walk away in temperatures that topped 95 degrees. Employers who are found to have willfully violated heat laws can be fined a maximum of $25,000. The United Farm Workers Union is protesting Vasquez Jimenez’s treatment as an “egregious” violation of Cal-OSHA safety regulations

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