Grape Madness Bracketology: Marc’s Muse & BevMo

In starting the bracket reviews I wanted to kick it off with Daddy Winebucks as he started the smack talk but RJ’s Wine Blog beat me to it. So I’ll start by taking a look at Marc’s Muse BevMo selections.

First, let me share my thoughts on BevMo. For those that may not be familiar BevMo is a large format chain here in California (and Arizona) encompassing 100 or so stores. When I initially started getting into wine I made a few purchases here. Since, it has fallen off of my preferred places to shop list. When I do stop it is to check out their 5 cent wine sales for which they are well known. The deal is buy one at regular price and get another bottle for a nickel. I have taken part in a few of these with rather mixed results. At the end I always lament how disappointed I would have been had I paid full price!

Now let’s get to it. As a refresher, here is the BevMo bracket:

Grape Madness: Bracketology – Marc’s Muse & BevMo

Taking a quick look up and down I see some names I recognize. Some mass market offerings in Penfolds, Columbia Crest and Blackstone. Some that I think of has higher quality offerings such as Renwood and Tapiz. The low end Rockbrook mystery brand, perhaps a Bronco Wine Co. bottling (funny, just checked and it is…)? The only one I am left unsure of what to think is the Talus. Given it is a $9 Pinot (from France) I am inclined to think the worst.

So how did I pick’em? I went with the favorites early. Rockbrook was easy to discount and as mentioned think Marc is going to be disappointed in the Talus. That leaves the Penfold’s versus the Columbia Crest. Insider secret, I bought the Grand Estates Cab for the Trader Joe’s bracket as well but replaced it upon realizing it was a duplicate. I’m picking that one to not only beat the Penfolds but to represent BevMo in the Final Four.

Who do you think is going to make it to the Final Four from the BevMo bracket? Have you entered the contest yet? We have the inaugural Grape Madness trophy and a case of the winner in store for our champion. Fill out your bracket today!

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2 thoughts on “Grape Madness Bracketology: Marc’s Muse & BevMo

  1. Oh, talk all you want TJs and Whole Foods… This is the dance of the Seven Zins…

    It’s not just Bev Mo… but Marc’s Parker-like palate. Or maybe I should take that back… Allow me the palate of Clive Coates… or Hugh Johnson… or maybe, maybe Michael Broadbent!

    The grapes are on the crush pad, baby… And there is gonna be some stomping!

  2. Again, I do feel it neccessary to explain my choices a bit…
    While Bev Mo does have smaller, more limited production finds, the feel of the store is that of a corporate conglomerate, which I thought should be represented in the selections of wine. I took into account the 5 Cent Sale on some of the selections… product placement… green shirted guy’s recs… and just a few whims and name recognitions. I will say this… There will be some interesting surprises coming out of my first bracket!

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