Grape Madness Bracketology: RJ’s Wine Blog & Whole Foods

In my first version of bracketology I covered Marc’s Muse & BevMo, now let’s move on to a regional a little closer to home with RJ’s Wine Blog and Whole Foods.

First let me share my thoughts on Whole Foods . Guessing most are familiar with Whole Foods which made its name selling organic wares and in doing so has earned the popular nickname of “Whole Paycheck” as a visit tends to do damage to the wallet. In my experience the same can be said of the wine department. On the plus side, something about the shopping experience always makes it seem like you are getting a nice wine for the money. Perhaps that hurts in the long run as expectations run high making it more difficult to impress in the end. I like shopping here for wine but it is an exercise in caution not to break the bank!

Now let’s get to it. As a refresher, here is the Whole Foods bracket:
Quickly scanning the bracket I recognize little. I am really only familiar with the Castle Rock and Rex Goliath. Many appear to be limited supply, higher end offerings with the Klinker, York Creek and Steven Vincent coming to mind. On the low end the mystery brand of the day is Quail Creek. You guessed it. Quail Creek is made by Bronco Wine Co.. That leaves the Block 45 Petite Sirah which seems like a bit of a sleeper at $7.

So how did I pick’em? I took both of the one seeds as I can’t see Quail Creek delivering the goods. Then I picked two upsets. The first was the Rex Goliath over the Stephen Vincent because, well really, who wants to bet against a 47 pound rooster. How about the Block 45 over the Castle Rock Pinot? I can only imagine how bad Pinot would taste if you are drinking it immediately after sampling a Petite Sirah. For the second round, I thought about taking the underdogs again but went with the one seeds. Guessing the old vine Klinker shows some restraint here which overcomes the, my assumption, fruit forwardness of the Rex Goliath. As for the York versus my sleeper Block 45, I had to take the York Creek just based on the pleasant memories of Ridge’s field blend York Creek Zin. That memory in theory should have been enough to carry it to the finals but for some reason unknown to me right now I picked the Klinker Brick Old Vine Zinfandel to represent Whole Foods in the Final Four.

Who do you think is going to make it to the Final Four from the Whole Foods bracket? Have you entered the contest yet? We have the inaugural Grape Madness trophy and a case of the winner in store for our champion. Fill out your bracket today!

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2 thoughts on “Grape Madness Bracketology: RJ’s Wine Blog & Whole Foods

  1. very interesting reasoning, jason. the klinker brick is a bi of an unknown except they also make old ghost old vine zin, which is relatively well known. worth a gamble to see how it did. the steven vincent i also thougth was a bit of an unknown, but i’ve seen in several local stores now and even in a few restaurants and wine stores in new york – must have better distribution than i thought.

    we’ll see how you do in your picks…

  2. Jason,

    We enjoy the local whole foods because they have nice weekend tastings, given that We are in LA and not North Cali, this is a big plus. Also, some of the wines behind the wine bar, in the argon gas containers are good. And the tastings are priced well.

    I would give these 2 a shot from Whole foods:

    Vitiano – Cab/Merlot
    Cono Sur – Cab/Carmenere

    I agree, there is less chance to get a real bargain at Whole Foods.

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