Grape Madness Bracketology: Daddy Winebucks & Cost Plus

With time running short before tipoff I still have one round of Bracketology outstanding for Daddy Winebucks and Cost Plus (or perhaps World Market in your hometown).

First let me share my thoughts on Cost Plus. Eric nails his description, in fact hits it out of the park.  Embarrassingly for me apparently both him and RJ have graduated from this Cost Plus phase.  I just bought new wine glasses there a few months back.  Just to make myself feel good I’ll believe I am that much younger than them.  Seriously thought I remember arguing with roommates to shop here instead of Ikea.  Recommend it for all you young’uns out there.  As for the wine, great selection with moderate prices.  I’ve had many a favorite from here.  The first being this d’Arenberg Stump Jump Red which I still drink to this day.  Of the three stores I don’t frequent in this tourney this is the one I miss the most.

Now let’s get to it. As a refresher, here is the Cost Plus bracket:


Giving the bracket a once over I recognize a few and see lots of new, unchartered wine territory.  I know the Norton and the Show from experience along with the 337 and Pinot Evil by name.  The Edge, Aaku, Talia and Baron de Magana are all new to me making this difficult to handicap.

So how did I pick’em? Went by the rankings in round #1 although I gave some thought to the Norton Malbec pulling the upset.  In round #2 decided to go for the underdogs.  The 337 because I’ve heard good things and the Show because I know them to be true (Full Disclosure: I also happen to be acquainted with the winemaker.).  Going into the finals the “full disclosure” was enough to push the Show not only to the Final Four but all the way to the championship game.  Had I not felt the need to be loyal to Trader Joe’s it may have been wearing the crown.

Who do you think is going to make it to the Final Four from the Cost Plus bracket? Have you entered the contest yet? If not, too bad.  The deadline has passed.  We have the inaugural Grape Madness trophy and a case of the winner in store for our champion. Hope you’ll follow along and mark your calendar for next year!

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2 thoughts on “Grape Madness Bracketology: Daddy Winebucks & Cost Plus

  1. Well done, Jason. Here I was talking smack to everyone while you all were making educated, reasoned picks. Who’s the young and immature one now?

  2. @Eric Well know I can start the smack talk! Scoreboard! We got the same winner so you better have some secret picks up your sleeve to make up that gap… And upsetting all of your #1 seeds doesn’t count…

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