Grape Madness: It’s Game Day!

Trader Joe’s Grape Madness Basketball Bracket
With the Grape Madness action tipping off shortly wanted to give everyone a quick recap on the rules..  We kept it pretty straight forward.  Here we go:

The following guidelines were put in place to manage the pricing at each seed level as follows:

  • All wines are red
  • Wines are priced based on seed (1- $12-$20, 2- $8 – $12, 3 – $5 – $8, 4 – $5 and under)
  • All wines are tasted blind
  • Wine are scored on some semblance of the 100 point scale (some might liken the scores more to a basketball game for fun early on)
  • In the result of a tie, lower price wins.

That’s it.  Condensed a bit, if you want the more verbose version you can find it here.

The Zinfandel match ups are up first for me in Round 1.  Expect tip off on the Rosenblum vs. Old Moon game shortly.  Lot’s of action on tap today with 8 games on the schedule.  I’ll be updating here as often as I can so check the scoreboard frequently.  For those that need to know all things now go straight to the sources:

Who’s bubble is going to get burst today?  Stay tuned to find out…

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