Grape Madness Round #2: Rosenblum vs. Bogle

 Grape Madness Round #2: Blind TastingGrape Madness Round #2: Rosenblum vs. Bogle
The second round in the Trader Joe’s bracket of the inaugural Grape Madness tourney kick off with the (1) 2006 Rosenblum Paso Robles Zin ($16) vs. the (2) Bogle Old Vine Zin ($10).

Once again if you need a refresher on the rules you can find a recap here. The main one two keep in mind here, per the picture above, that these were tasted blind (again I know… single blind). Before we jump in, let’s look back on the first round match-ups to see how these two got here:

  • The Rosenblum defeated the Old Moon handily 83-71.  My notes hightlighted that this game was won before the wine hit the glass.  Nice  robust dark fruits on the nose and a palate with a dry, chalky backbone.  With the finish being intially slightly tart and a bit hot but improving with time to leave a warm, comforting tannic tickle lingering.  That said, I mentoned it made me nervous come the second round and that it better bring its “A game”.  Let’s see if it did…
  • The Bogle found itself in a shoot out with the Ravenswood before pulling out a 83-78 victory.  fMy notes here show mentions of range and character with the palate being smooth and well balanced. The mouth-feel was silky with dark, rich fruits with earthy (almost dirt-like) notes. The finish is bold with heavy notes of plum and lasts nicely. It sure sounded like a winner.

With pregame covered let’s get to the real action via my twitter news feed:

jasonswineblog: Tipped off round 2 of #GrapeMadness. Bogle comes out tight (and hot) letting Rosenblum claim an early lead 22-17 11:02 left in the 1st.
jasonswineblog: #GrapeMadness the Bogle attack is unbalanced but their star players are keeping it close. Rosenblum still leads 39-36 2:12 left in the 1st.

jasonswineblog: #GrapeMadness Rosenblum silky smooth shooting and strong finish Bogle is facing a big test. Rosenblum leads 56-52 15:55 left

jasonswineblog: #GrapeMadness Rosenblum intensity is exposing the Bogle lack of (mouth) feel for the game. 79-73 4:02 left…

jasonswineblog: #GrapeMadness The Rosenblum chalky smooth finish was to much for the sour/tart notes in the Bogle. Rosenblum wins a tight one. 90-87.

This one was close to the end but Rosenblum held on tight to head to the elite eight. I’ll finish with a quick review of each:

2006 Rosenblum Paso Robles Zinfandel ($16):The differences between these two was slight but noticeable.  This one had a rich, dark fruit nose with earthy and barrel components.  On the palate it was silky smooth with dense, lush dark fruit flavors leading to a chalky finish with slight tannins.  The heat from 2 days prior was happily no longer present.  A nice bottle of wine.  Everything a typical quality Zinfandel should be.  It will be interesting to see how it pairs off against the winner of the Cabernet bracket.  Feel free to grab this one if the fancy strikes while I scout for something cheaper or better for you.  Rating: Pricey

2006 Bogle Old Vine Zin ($10): Again initially the differences were slight but this one had a green pepper component as part of the rich, full fruit.  On the palate it was just as smooth and balance but I was surprised by a souriness on the finish that I didn’t recall from two days earlier, though it did linger nicely.  I liked this bottle a lot better in the first round when the earthiness was present and before the plums on the finish turned sour.  Rating: Pricey
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One thought on “Grape Madness Round #2: Rosenblum vs. Bogle

  1. I would love to see you review the 2007 Trader Joe’s Reserve Sonoma County Zin (not the organic Grower’s Reserve, but the Mazzocco Sonoma varient) that we just got in. The ’06 was amazing, and the ’07 is showing just as well if not better. At $9.99 (here on the East Coast) it is the steal of the Zin world right now. Find it and try it (decant for an hour) if you can.

    Mazzocco Sonoma sells their Sonoma County Zin for 22 fish!

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