Trader Joe’s Wines: Top 10 List…it’s back!

 Trader Joe’s Wines: Top 10 Wine Listbetter late than never… just in time for Memorial Day… by popular demand… I know, I know. How hard can it be to write a post about ten wines. These things can snowball in your imagination when you start to think about the possibilities. I can do this, I can do that and soon you can’t do anything because there is so much to do. Wow, I just reread that. Pretty crappy way to apologize to all of you. Let’s try to make it more straightforward, sorry this has taken so long!

So, what caused this snowball effect. I wanted to make the Top 10 list a readily available on the home page. I wanted to make it available easily from the iPhone. I wanted to have pictures of all the wines and include your rankings. comments on each. Baby steps it will be. I have slightly integrated it to the home page via the clickable image on the top left, not to intuitive yet so look for improvements shortly. In addition I have made the list a standalone page which is good news. No more confusion over is this the latest or is that the latest. Bookmark it once and you can be sure you are getting the most up to date information for life. Again, baby steps. Look for further improvements shortly. Now, before we get to the main event here once again are the ground rules, all one of them. All wines listed have to have been either purchased or available in the last month. Keep in mind I am located in the San Francisco Bay area so availability (and prices) may be different than your local Trader Joe’s. Without further adieu I present the latest…the greatest…

Trader Joe’s Top 10 Wine List


As an added bonus, should you not be inclined to Trader Joe’s wine or just prefer fishing in more than one pond after months of negotiations I’ve convinced RJ’s of RJ’s Wine Blog to start publishing the Whole Foods Top 10 Wine List. Next up is someone to take on Costco, think Bob of the The Wellesley Wine Press and I will be talking shortly…

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8 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Wines: Top 10 List…it’s back!

  1. Good call on the Castle Rock Pinot. I’ve been looking for decent Pinot at this price point and decided to give it a try based on your Top Ten list . I tried it with this recipe for chili beef skewers:

    The orange zest in the marinade paired nicely with the faint citrus flowers I was getting from the wine. A wonderful paring that made for a fantastic Memorial day dinner.

    Previously I went with the MacMurry Ranch 2006/07 Central Coast Pinot Noir, which I generally find for around $12-$15 at Safeway and other places in the East Bay. Now I’ll add the Castle Rock to the rotation. Thanks!

  2. Costco across the country has a TON more variation than most other retailers. If you’re going to have someone cover a “Top 10″ for Costco, it should be for multiple regions. Southern California has a lot of different wines than Washington. Good, high volume Costco’s have a dramatically different selection. Stuff like this wine (, this (, or this ( don’t show up everywhere. Wines like this are more interesting than some of the more mass market stuff that is more likely to be available in each market.

  3. @joshiemac Glad to hear the Castle Rock agreed with you, thanks for giving it a try. I’m a fan of the MacMurray Ranch as well though haven’t had any as of late. Perhaps I’ll grab a bottle and try it with your recommended recipe…

    @Jeff I know from my experience here that the majority of wines I mention never make it to the east coast. I am sure the same is true for Costco. I still think that one Costco Top 10 list is better than zero. Given that Bob has yet to take me up on the offer I’ll throw it your way if you are interested…

  4. Thanks again for the new list. I’ve been using it a lot lately and turning new people on to your reviews.
    I’ve also gotten permission to have a “Wine News” board installed in the Alameda store where I can have a classy place to feature it, so please keep them coming.
    BTW, I’d be interested in what you think about the Mountain River Pinotage/Shiraz from South Africa ($6). I found it to be good with burgers and made an excellent beef stew with the leftovers.

  5. Angela, As always thanks! It is very much appreciated. The “Wine News” board sounds like a great idea, I’m sure the customers will love it. As for the Mountain River Pinotage blend I tried the ’03 and thought it was interesting but not a match for my palate. What is the current vintage? Maybe I’ll give it another try…

  6. Hi Jason,

    The 2006 is the latest vintage, which is unfortunately gone now. I have one bottle left at the house if you have something to trade ; ).
    Looking forward to the next list and all the new reviews.
    Thanks again!

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