NV Albero Sparkling White

NV Albero Sparkling WhitePrice: $4.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by Latitude Wines

What They Said:

Per RJ’s Wine Blog “Very nice bubbly for $5, that’s for sure. Nice acidity levels, but still a creamy / buttery finish, with just a touch of lemon and the right amount of crispness. The bubbles are closer to a Prosecco than a champagne, which I really like because I think you can taste the fruit and the wine more with lighter bubbles than with most champagnes. Definitely competes with a $15 – $20 bottle of champagne and much more flavor than most sub-$15 champagnes I’ve tasted. Overall, a great value at $5.”

What I Think:

Having tried both the Monastrell (Mourvedre) and Tempranillo from Albero with lukewarm results this one was on my pass list until I stumbled on RJ’s review mentioned above. On opening the first thing I notice is the lack of bubbles in the glass, as in almost none. On the nose crisp white fruit notes, apple and pears. Simple on the palate, not much flavor at all. The overall structure is yeasty and/or creamy but nothing is happening on top of it. Just a slight hint of citrus/tartness on the finish. Nothing wrong with this one, just better options available. That said, I think this one jsut doesn’t match my palate as the sentiment on this one across the blogsphere as been widely positive.  At 11.5% reminds me of the NV Espiral Vinho Verde from Portugal which checks in at 9%. I prefer that one, with its effervescent quality it reminds me more of a sparkler than a still white wine.

In need of other sparkling recommendations? The Zonin Prosecco is my pick in the more traditional flavor profile style. Another favorite is the Schloss Biebrich Sekt from Germany.

Rating: Skip It

Editor’s Note (05-Jun-2009): Per my comment below I modified this post to reflect that the general impressions of this wine across the internet have been largely positive.

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5 thoughts on “NV Albero Sparkling White

  1. I re-bought this cava a few days after I finished the first bottle- I haven’t had it in a while so I won’t go into detail but I loved it- straightforward and tasty. Incidentally I’ve never enjoyed that Prosecco much, but maybe it’s worth another go.

    And while I’m here, I like their rose as well, but I agree that skipping their reds is a good plan.

  2. I agree with Kris. This wine was a pleasant surprise. At the price I paid, $5 here in DC area, it is a bargain.

  3. definitely straight forward and tasty. i do really like prosecco, but the albero had a few refreshing differences – less bubbles and flavors that clearly cut through. and for $5, to kurt’s point, it’s an awfully nice price point.

    i will most likely skip their red as well based on jason’s thoughts.

  4. After reading your comments and revisiting the post I realized I forgot to note that the impressions of this wine across the internet have been largely favorable. In addition to RJ, Drinking my way through Trader Joe’s Wine, The Bubbly Girl and The Wineauxs all had nice things to say about this wine. I meant to note that this was one was more likely an issue of not agreeing with my palate. I updated the post above to reflect that. Now the question on my mind is am I willing to buy another bottle to confirm my suspicion…

  5. This one was part of the recent Trader Joe’s Ten For The Tasting (pdf). Here were their notes: “Like running through the sprinklers (naked) on a hot summer day – fresh, lively, frolicsome. Made by Bodegas Iranzo, Spain’s oldest Estate bottle producer (also the first winery in that country to achieve U.S. organic certification), this blend of organically grown Macabeo and Arien grapes is suffused with small bubbles of natural carbon dioxide. It’s lightly sweet with clean floral and tropical fruit flavors and lovely effervescence that tickles the nose. Not a cerebral sparkler, per say, but that’s what makes it perfect for summer. Fill your glass and feel good… not that you need another reason, but, just in case, it is organic and a fine $4.99.”

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