The Wellesley Wine Press covers the Trader Joe’s Top 10 List

The Wellesley Wine PressBob Dwyer over at the The Wellesley Wine Press was kind enough to add his perspective on my recent Trader Joe’s Top 10 Wine List. For those that aren’t familiar with Bob and/or the Wellesley Wine Press we are like minded in our relentless pursuit of value wines. In his own words, “I write this blog to help others enjoy wine more while spending less money”. Give him a read, especially anyone that happens to be in the Boston or Massachusetts area. A while back Bob answered the question I see Bob grappling everyday to figure out potential ways around MA’s arcane wine shipping laws. In addition to being your advocate he has a great handle on the local wine shops, who stocks what and at what price, as well as the wine events happening in the area.

He also offers much more than just local knowledge. He just provided some writeups on his recent tasting room visit to the Napa Valley. I know I plan to visit Lewelling Vineyards next time I am in the area. He also recently turned me on to an extreme deal in the Redtree Pinot Noir. An 88 point California Pinot for $8 (which I have yet to track down, drat!) is unheard of. You already may be a reader of his as he did a guest post here sometime ago answering the question Is Trader Joe’s a Good Place to Buy Wine? If not be sure to check him out. I know I find his musings both entertaining and useful. Hope you do to!

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2 thoughts on “The Wellesley Wine Press covers the Trader Joe’s Top 10 List

  1. Hey Jason,

    Thanks a lot for capturing the spirit of why I blog. It’s obvious to me that you actually read my stuff, and it means a lot to me that you find the effort entertaining and useful.

    Like you say, I think we’re like minded, and for me that’s been the coolest thing to come out of wine blogging and Twitter- connecting with people with amazingly similar interests and sensibilities (Matt Wieters better hit 4 HRs today to live up to the hype he’s received). :)

    I think we both have a niche we focus one (TJ’s for you, and Boston/value wine stuff for me) but I know I find it totally acceptable as a reader of your stuff when you venture outside that niche. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Chilean wines and whatever else you might come across that provides value and excitement.



  2. It is certainly fun meeting like minded people. It was funny to read your post for the Wine Blogging Scholarship and listen to you talk about exploring. I use much the same language to frame my relationship with wine. One of my favorite things to do in the world is to ride a bike in another country when I have no idea where I am going. The winds blowing in your hair, your whizzing around and each fork in the road takes you off to a different adventure. Given this day job, I don’t get to do that as much as I might like. That is where wine comes in. New grapes, new regions, new winemakers. There is an endless amount of discovery you can do that allows me to live vicariously as if I were riding that bike from my own home. Whew, that was a bit more than I intended to type. BTW, Wieters won’t hit .143 forever…

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