Trader Joes Wines: The Gypsy is back…

Trader Joes Wines: 2007 Chariot GypsyThe original post on the Chariot Gypsy was arguably the most popular but it is certainly the most commented ever. So much so that two vintages later information is emerging on the latest to appear at Trader Joe’s. Before we get into the details we have confirmed sightings of the 2007 in Central (Fresno and Clovis) and Southern (Irvine) California. If you are in these areas and reading this, go get some first thing tomorrow morning. If your area is not listed and you have seen this bottle then leave a comment with your locale (after you grab a case for yourself of course). Sadly I am in Northern California and believe that it is not available in the Trader Joe’s warehouse for the region (though I am looking to confirm this via trusted resources).

Now let’s get to the details. Jerry K commented a few times on the coming ’07 vintage first with the release date then with the blend percentage. Jerry had this to say about the ’07; “Slightly bigger that the ‘06 and a bit jammy now as it is young. Very drinkable and once again an excellent value wine. Great summer BBQ wine for almost anything! :-)”

Charlie followed up shortly thereafter to confirm the Gypsy was available in Fresno and Clovis and had this to say about the ’07; “Nice legs, and a good nose. Definitely benefits from aeration. I’d definitely decant at this point. Should benefit from some more time in the bottle.”

The final note on this one comes from Danny who is a long time contributor here on Jason’s Wine Blog. He located the latest vintage in Irvine (on Walnut & Culver which had 120 cases in stock). He had this to say; “serves up spicy raspberry, tarragon and meaty aromas with flavors of ripe, simple plum, orange peel and pepper. Ends on a long finish of mild lemon-tinged tannins and persistent dark chocolate”. To my delight he rates this one on my scale. Danny is “on the fence between Buy It and Bulk Buy”.

Bottom line, if you are in Central or Southern California you should be hitting Trader Joe’s this weekend to grab a case of the 2007 Chariot Gypsy. I’m thinking about driving four hours south to do the same. Here are the locations where the Chariot Gypsy has been spotted to date:

Southern California

  • Camarillo
  • Irvine
  • Tustin
  • Santa Ana
  • Chino Hills
  • Claremont
  • Long Beach
  • Hollywood
  • South Pasadena
  • Burbank (limited supply)
  • Studio City (may be out, call first)

Central California

  • Santa Barbara
  • Fresno
  • Clovis
  • San Luis Obispo

Northern California

  • San Francisco
  • Santa Cruz
  • Mountain View
  • Alameda
  • Lafayette
  • Walnut Creek
  • Pleasanton
  • San Rafael
  • Santa Rosa
  • Sonoma
  • Fairfield (may be out, call first)
  • Folsom


  • Beaverton
  • Portland
  • Lake Oswego


  • Seattle


  • Glendale
  • Ahwatukee


  • Las Vegas


  • Chicago (still available as of August 8th)


  • Northville


  • Cincinnati
  • Westlake


  • Boston


  • Williamsburg

As mentioned earlier if you see this elsewhere leave a comment below…

Trader Joes Wines: 2007 Chariot Gypsy

Editor’s Note (06-Jun-2009): Finally I’ve found the Gypsy. If you notice the two cases missing from the picture on the right those were the ones that ended up under my shopping cart. I found mine in San Rafael. I have confirmed additional sightings as well, via the comments below and twitter, in Lafayette (though joshiemac cleaned it out), Walnut Creek and up further north in Santa Rosa. I feel like the guy at the end of the movie Independence Day when they figure out how to shoot the spaceships down and they are confirming the shots around the world… Expect a review soon, early news is that it need some time to breath/decant to open up.

Editor’s Note (09-Jun-2009): Added bulleted lists of locations identified, first appearance outside of CA is Beaverton, Oregon.  Where have you seen it?  Leave a comment and I’ll add it.

Editor’s Note (15-Jun-2009): More sighting in WA and AZ, still seems confined to the Pacific Time Zone. Where have you seen it? Leave a comment and I’ll add it.

Editor’s Note (20-Jun-2009): Picked up a few more on twitter, any others missing?

Editor’s Note (27-Jun-2009): We’ve gone coast to coast with spottings in Ohio and Virgina. Any others missiing? Get it quick if you want it, insiders say it is no longer available from the warehouse. And in case you missed it here is my review of ’07.

Editor’s Note (01-Jul-2009): Added Burbank. Wondering what is next, adding a new store or marking some of these as sold out? Let me know if you visit one of these stores and there is no Gypsy to be found

Editor’s Note (07-Jul-2009): Added some new locations and appended notes to some where supply is out or limited

Editor’s Note (13-Jul-2009): The Gypsy has landed in Chicago, get it while you can…

Editor’s Note (28-Jul-2009): The Gypsy has now landed in Boston, get it while it last…

Editor’s Note (09-Aug-2009): Learned the Gypsy is available in Michigan and still in the aisles in Chicago…

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53 thoughts on “Trader Joes Wines: The Gypsy is back…

  1. I just pulled a case of the 07 off the shelf at the Lafayette (CA) TJs. I left one bottle on the shelf for karma’s sake.

    I asked and they had no more in the back. They didn’t know when any others were coming in.

    I’m looking forward to giving it a try tonight with a steak off the grill!

  2. Lafayette! It is in NorCal. My brother-in-law lives in Walnut Creek I’m sending him to the local TJ’s right now. Then he can go get the 1 bottle in Lafayette you left behind…

  3. Just spoke with the manager at the Fresno store. They sold out 30 cases in 2 days (of course, me hogging 4 of them didn’t help) but they are expecting 60 more today (Saturday) or Monday. Howevr, Clovis TJ’s has at least 25 cases right now, but I don’t expect that to last.

    The Clovis manager confirmed what I posted in the ’05 Chariot Gypsy thread about this wine… it definitely benefits from decanting.

  4. I saw it arrive the other night in Alameda. I’m not sure of the current status, but I could definitely have the order writer put a few cases in the mix for you if it’s still available. I’ll give an update tomorrow.

  5. @Joshiemac Found it hear in the North Bay in San Rafael.

    @Angela Thanks much for the offer. I am set for now! I need to update the post to include the latest!

  6. Just called my closest TJ’s (Folsom, NorCal) and they have “stacks of it sitting in our lobby”, my dear wife is off to buy as many cases as she dare right now :)

  7. I sent Jim Neal an email today congratulating him on the ’07 and here’s part of his response.
    “[quote=Jim Neal]
    The ’07 is shipping to all the TJ’s stores nationwide, which was a big step for us, but means each store will probably get just one drop (one shipment). Sounds like you’re pretty well stocked up, but I just wanted you to know that when your local store sells out they will probably be unable to get more.” [/quote]

    There you have it folks. More than likely only one shipment per store!

    Glad I got my stash already. Don’t even ask how much I bought… it’s embarassing.

  8. Found the 07 Gypsy at TJ’s in Tustin for any Southern Californians. There were quite a few bottles left, but I’m going back to buy more tonight.

  9. I went by the Mountain View TJs tonight and bought 10 of the 11 bottles that were on the shelf. One of the staff members said they had received two cases last night, so there may be one or a few bottles left.

  10. Spotted and snagged in Studio City (L.A.). It was untagged, oddly- perhaps somebody snatched the tag to keep the secret safe?

  11. just bought 6 bottles at the san francisco trader joe’s and have one open on my counter waiting for dinner to come out of the oven. looking forward to trying it.

  12. FYI, I picked up some of this 2007, Chariot Gypsy last night at the Trader Joe’s in Pleasanton, CA. Haven’t tried it yet, almost reluctant to, can it possibly be as good as it’s predecessor?

  13. Having delighted in the 2003 Gypsy and still with 32 bottles of the splendid 2005 (I score this a 95), I had a standing order for 3 cases of the 2007; when it arrived yesterday in Beaverton, Oregon, where I live, I immediately brought one home to try. The result was that even after an hour of airing it was undrinkable! I’m returning this bottle for a refund! The inferior 37% Zinfandel swamped this blend;even after an hour, it has an acidic sour finish and aftertaste; warning:do not drink this on an empty stomach as it causes instant indigestion. Neal has created a disaster this time that will hurt his earned reputation; it is as awful as the bitter Captain’s Choice at TJoe’s which was similarly ruined by perhaps the same sour Zinfandel prodicer. He should go back to his basic blend.

  14. FYI – I found cases and cases in my local Trader Joe’s (Ahwatukee, AZ). (For those that don’t know Phoenix, Ahwatukee is a suburb of Phx). I bought two bottles to try it out and have already finished them. I’ll be going back for more :)

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