Introducing the Jason’s Wine Blog iPhone App

That’s right, you heard it here first… Introducing Jason’s Wine Blog on your iPhone as an app, actually as a hack. Not sure how many know this but it was news to me that you could save a favorite/shortcut as an icon to the home screen of your iPhone. Better yet, you can do it in four easy steps (with accompanying screen shots below):

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to Jason’s Wine Blog. Decision time, do you want to link to the home page or directly to the Top 10? On your iPhone, type in the appropriate URL to Safari. Notice that I created a shortcut for those looking for the Top 10. Better yet if you are using Firefox and have email set up on your phone right click either the home or Top 10 list and select “Send Link” to email it to yourself. Once it arrives simply click to open it in Safari
  2. Upon arrival at Jason’s Wine Blog touch the “+” sign in the bottom (middle) of the browser. From the menu displayed select “Add to Home Screen”.
  3. From here, update the name of the “iPhone App” as you see fit. Two quick tips. First, keep it short so you can read it. In the example below I use “TJ’s Top 10” which fits to the form factor. Unfortuantely “Jason’s Wine Blog” does not. Once you have edited to your desire click the “Add” key to the top right
  4. And presto. There it is on your home screen!

Give it a try and if you need I’m here. Quick question, anyone know how to hide images from a mobile browser? Let me know how it works if you set it up!

Jason's Wine Blog iPhone App Step #1Jason's Wine Blog iPhone App Step #2Jason's Wine Blog iPhone App Step #3Jason's Wine Blog iPhone App Step #4

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