2006 San Greal Red Supper Wine

2006 San Greal Red Supper WinePrice: $6.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Per the bottle “San Greal the French word for “Holy Grail” is derived from the ancient words sang real, translated to mean “royal blood”. Our “San Greal” Red Supper Wine is produced from our estate vineyards using sustainable farming practices. This wine displays brillant berry aromas with medium astringency and a long expansive finish.”

What I Think:

I hit it off with this wine as soon as I saw it on the shelf. Anytime a new label appears in the Trader Joe’s Wine aisle you know I am going to give it a look. So what did we have here? A red blend from Mendocino (everyone knows I am a big fan, right?) that is humble enough to call itself a “Red Supper Wine”. In the cart it goes. Landing on the San Greal Winery site the good vibes continued. It turns out that the San Greal label is under the Jeriko Estate umbrella which is owned and run by Danny Fetzer. Fetzer? Mendocino? Ring any bells? Danny’s brother Jim, as part of Ceago Vinegarden, was responsible for the 2006 Dynamic Mendocino Red Table Wine which was #1 on the Trader Joe’s Top 10 Wine List while it lasted. It appears Danny is taking a page out of his big brothers book. Actually, I have no idea who is the older brother but both are also fans of sustainable farming and have had their vineyards Demeter certified as biodynamic.

So what about the juice in the bottle? This one is a blend of 55% Syrah, 23% Merlot and 22% Sangiovese. The nose greets you with inviting dark red fruit and spices. On the palate I am immediately reminded of a Cote du Rhone offering. This one took a bit to open up, it was bottled in late February, but grew on me more and more with each sip over the four days I sampled it. Cherries mixed with blackberries coat the the palate while a proper dose of tannins keeps this perfectly balanced, that said it may be too acidic for some. This one has Top 10 potential and has at minimum joined my CdR rotation with the Perrin and J. Vidal-Fleury. Grab one of these and be on the lookout for other varietals from this label. Their website mentions a Pinot Noir and Cabernet as coming soon, hopefully they make it to Trader Joe’s! The Wine Traveler who had an inside scoop on this one, seems to think they may. Let me know if anyone sees them…

Rating: Buy It

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2 thoughts on “2006 San Greal Red Supper Wine

  1. Where can I find more? TJ’s is now out. Will they make another? I will miss this wine. My absolute favorite, bought 3-5 bottles at a time.

  2. Brenda I would suspect we will see more of this one and will certainly let you know if I hear more. In the meantime if you run out you may want to try the Perrin and J. Vidal-Fleury mentioned above…

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