2008 Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc

2008 Veramonte Sauvignon BlancPrice: $8.99 @ K&L Wines imported by Huneeus Vinters LLC

What They Said:

Per wine.com “Captures the pungent, alert character inherent to Sauvignon Blanc. This is a peppy wine with spiky tropical and green-fruit aromas and flavors. It’s a mash up of citrus and nettles, with a controlled, fairly long grapefruit-driven finish. Modest in price, but the real thing.” 89 Points, Best Buy, Wine Enthusiast, March 2009

From Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar: “Pale straw. Lively aromas of grapefruit, lime, white pepper and herbs. Fresh on the palate too, displaying vibrant citrus and orchard fruit qualities and good mineral snap. Finishes dry and delineated, with the lime element repeating.” (Mar/Apr ’09)

What I Think:

After sampling the Veramonte Primus as part of the Wines of Chile Online Tasting, and with higher temperatures on the horizon, I was reminded of my love for this one which I have often referred to as the most refreshing wine I have ever had. The color is of pale straw. On the nose you get citrus aromas on top of a mineral base and some floral notes. On the palate you are greeted with loads of fruit on a nice stony backbone that give way to a long, dry, crisp grapefruit and lime finish. This wine is fresh (but not in a mowed grass way like you get from New Zealand) and vibrant throughout. I already grabbed a case, my only warning is this may be too much tang for some so you might want to try a bottle first before you invest further. For those of you who can’t find it or prefer shopping via the internet this one is available via wine.com.

Rating: Bulk Buy

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6 thoughts on “2008 Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc

  1. This is a wonderful, fresh wine! Very green and crisp, absolutely LOVE it! And for the price you can’t go wrong!

  2. I beleive this wine has “Reserva” on its label and I’m pretty sure it’s the same one that Jason is recommending. I’m pretty sure there is no non-”Reserva” version of it out there. I’m finding it here in Orange County, CA between $8.99 (Amazing Grapes in Rancho SM) to $10.99 @ BevMo. The 2007 version was a bargain, too, ($7.99 at times) and quite the sleeper. The 2007 was my favorite white for most of 2008 until it was dethroned by the 2007 Ridge Chenin Blanc (@$10+/-).

  3. @Umamia I am obviously in complete agreement!

    @Danny you are correct on both fronts, this is the “reserva” and to my knowledge there is no “non-reserva” on the market which is why I didn’t make the distinction. On the Chenin Blanc, do you mean Pine Ridge? I was trying to track it down to give it a try. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Ooops. Yes, Jason, good catch on your part. I meant Pine Ridge for the 2007 Chenin Blanc. However, my favorite value white presently is the 2008 Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc @ $7.99 from Marlborough, NZ–Wine Spectator 90. Yum. (TJ’s King Shag SB is still a very agreeable contender for me, too).

  5. It would be interesting to have a comparision between this wine and TJ’s King Shag, another SB at about the same price.

  6. @Danny The Dashwood you say? I think they have that at K&L too. You are going to bankrupt my wine budget ;)

    @Peter As for this wine and the King Shag the New Zealand offering has that grassiness that I don’t find as prevalent in Chilean Suavignon Blanc. For a larger, side by side comparison I’ll think about it. The thing is these wines are so damn enjoyable I hate to take away from that!

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