2008 Honey Moon Viognier

2008 Honey Moon ViognierPrice: $4.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Per the bottle “Viognier is a rare and stylish grape with golden hues and amazing floral scents. Our Honey Moon Viognier is named after the June full moon, which signifies the moment when the sweet scent of the flowers turn into young grapes, creating this lush, full bodied wine with peach, apricot and honeysuckle aromas followed by luscious honey, mango and nectar finish.

What I Think:

One of those that seems to be a Bronco Wine Co. offering but isn’t, Trader Moon is just as secretive though. They are responsible for the many other moons on the TJ’s wine shelves… Old Moon Zin, Venetian Moon Pinot Grigio, Tuscan Moon Sangiovese and Velvet Moon Cab. Regardless this Honey Moon Viognier has been one of my favorites for years and I was amazed to see that I had yet to review it. Given that I wanted to quickly rectify the situation.

This one has a great nose, like fully pollinated red/orange fruit, loaded with peaches and apricots. On the palate peach and honey are prevalent on a full bodied frame of white stony, fruits. The finish is rich and plush with ripe peaches and just a hint of sweetness. To some, this may be too much sweetness but it works well for me. Drink this one on its own or with anything, literally. This one won a bronze medal in the recent 2009 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and is a sure thing to appear in my next Top 10 list…

Rating: Buy It

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40 thoughts on “2008 Honey Moon Viognier

  1. I havent had wine for a while because of digestive probs but I had the Honey Moon Vognier 2008 and remembered it was a less acidic wine. I tried another bottle last evening and found it very nice and I liked the bit of flinty finish. Nice on it’s own or with appetizers.

  2. I hope the Honey Moon Viognier gets 86′d from Jason’s nextTop 10 List. IMHO it is not worthy of its cuurent lofty status. I’m still very comfortable here, manning the barricades with Mad Mike on this one.

  3. @Danny: Still looking for your Value Viognier.
    Does have to be readily available at the price I found it for and what’s the price limit? $5-9?
    The 2001 G.O. find had some interesting qualities, but not on par with JC Cellars.

  4. @Danny: Alright, $5-7, and readily available at that price, yes?
    I’m not sure I’ll find anything as outrageously good as the JC Cellars in that price range, but delicious and drinkable is a good possibility. Any particular flavor notes you enjoy in your Viognier? Aromatics are a must of course, but what else should I be looking for to please your palate?
    BTW, did you get a chance to try the TJ’s private label Viognier we had out a few months ago? It was fairly good from what I remember. Great nose, a little soft and maybe a little hot on the finish, but definitely decent.

  5. Hi, Angela,
    I prefer honey and lemon flavored viogniers with floral aromas. Missed the TJ private label viognier. My challenge was intended more for other people, because I am not really a viognier fan. Best!

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  7. I am not a wine drinker, wine connissieur, or a person who ever drinks wine. However, I decided to just buy a bottle of wine to have on hand for guests, or to cook with. Well, my hubby decided to open it, and he is also not a wine drinker. Guess what? We LOVED it! The natural sweetness is not overpowering, like a dessert wine would be…but it is as smooooth as silk. I have told all my wine drinking friends about it and they have tried it and agree on how delicious and flavorful and just downtight delgihtful it is.

    Buy It is right!!! You will not be sorry.

  8. I am totally in LOVE with the Viogner grape!!! I buy it everywhere! Trying different vitners all over the world. Honey Moon is awesome – especially for the price! I want to buy cases and cases! I am a huge white wine drinker (as I have an aversion to lots of sulfates and tannins)…and this is the grape varietal for me! yeah! Keep up the great wine-making!

  9. @Suz: Just curious if you knew that white wines can have a lot more sulfates in them than red wines? Some of them occur naturally as part of the fermentation process and some may be added to help stabilize the whites since they don’t have the tannins that red wines do. It really depends on the varietal and the producer.

    That said, Viognier is absolutely delicious when it’s done right. The aromatics and great flavors make for smiles around the world. Unfortunately most lower-priced ones tend to be off-dry which doesn’t really show off this grape to its fullest advantage. Danny challenged me last year to find a good, dry Viognier in the “under $7″ price point and I gotta say I haven’t seen any yet.

    Honey Moon is VERY popular at my store, so if you like it, that’s what counts.

  10. I had dinner with some friends last night and they served Honey Moon. It was not enjoyable. On top of that, it gave me a horrible migraine and my partner felt ill as well.

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  12. The Honey Moon Viognier has quickly become my favorite wine. It’s absolutely fantastic, and I look forward to trying the other wines under this brand. So far I’ve had two others and liked them both, but none surpass the Viognier. It’s sweet and flavorful.

  13. I tried this wine recently for the first time. My brother who knows and likes fine wine served it. I assumed it was expensive until I was pleasantly surprised to find it’s far from it. I love this wine….especially after learning the price!!

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