2008 Flore de Moscato

Price: $4.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

2008 Flore de MoscatoPer Trader Joe’s Ten For The Tasting (pdf) “Even those of us who are not sweet wine sippers were seduced by Flore De Moscato. Light, fruity and sprightly, it delivers sweet flavors with a smooth, bright mouth-feel (not syrupy at all). It’s made exclusively for us by a legendary California winemaker whose career has been dedicated solely to the art of the Muscatel. This delicate blend of Orange Muscat & Muscat Canelli has an inviting floral aroma with flavors of citrus and peach. It’s a great late afternoon hammock wine with enough voluptuousness and eleganceto hold its own as dessert. The enticement is the elixir, but the price, well, we’d be barefaced to say it wasn’t beguiling too – a 750 ml bottle is $4.99″

What I Think:

I’ve long wondered… Am I the only one that ends up coming home from most tasting trips to the wine country with inordinate amounts of Rose and Dessert Wine (mostly Port)? My take is that I rarely take the appropriate time to appreciate these in the moment whether it family or friends that are otherwise distracting me. Is it just me? In these scenarios I usually end up paying $10-$20 a bottle. Long story short, this is as good as all of those. This one is a blend of Orange Muscat & Muscat Canelli. I know above it mentions that it can work as a dessert wine. IMHO, that is the only way to use this one. It is syrupy, but not overly sweet, almost spritzy and surprisingly light (7.5%, yes I looked twice!) given the weight of this wine in your mouth. I get floral notes on the nose with apple early on the palate that becomes sweet, tropical flavors on the finish. Guessing this one could be even better with real dessert. That said, I was surprised I couldn’t track down this legendary California winemaker via the internet but let’s not ask too many questions… Go get yourself a bottle!

Rating: Buy It

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35 thoughts on “2008 Flore de Moscato

  1. I liked this wine a lot. It is sweet yet not as heavy as some (Sylvan Ridge early Moscat)I liked that this wine has a cleaner (more crisp) quality to it. I am going to go and buy a case or two next week!!

  2. This was a one-time deal with the vendors, and now Trader Joe’s is out of it for good :( It quickly became one of my absolute favorites, though! Are there any other similar wines you could recommend? (they don’t have to be at TJ’s, I’ll take any recommendations!)

  3. The Novella Muscat Cannelli ($9) is very nice, light and excellent with strawberries. A few more dollars, but worth it I think. BTW, the TJ’s Late Harvest Moscato should be available again sometime in late January.

  4. “Are there any other similar wines you could recommend?”

    Quady Winery makes Electra, which is very similar in taste to Floe de Moscato. What I liked about this dessert wine was that it was very much like Electra for roughly half the cost and a little more alcohol content. I was disappointed to see it go.

  5. New to wine and so far I LOVE this wine,but trader joe”s has been having a hard time of getting them in. Does anyone know where I can buy a case or 2?

  6. @Julie: You’ll have to talk to private individuals as TJ’s has already sold through their allotment and it isn’t scheduled to return.

  7. I cracked open my first bottle tonight, and I don’t know whether to love it or hate it. I’m a total wine n00b, but this reminds me of Boone’s. I could down the whole bottle before even realizing it!

    • This wine was offered only for a short period of time. I bought some extra when it was available and will not part with my bottles. I would recommend trying the Gaetano D’ Aquino Asti at Traders Joe’s. It tastes very similar to the Flore de moscato but with bubbles. It is roughly $7.00 for a bottle so go give it a taste! Also, their white Lambrusco is very, very good, and at $4.99 it is amazingly cheap for such a tasty wine. Hope this helps quench your thirst for a nice sweet wine.

  8. I went to trader Joe yesterday for honey seame sticks. They gave me a taste and I really don’t like alcohol but this
    was the best wine I have ever taste

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