2008 Picton Bay Pinot Noir

Price: $7.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by L. Watson Inc.

What They Said:

2008 Picton Bay Pinot NoirPer the bottle “This wine is made from grapes grown in Marlborough and Nelson, Picton Bay Pinot Noir is fresh with delicious red fruit flavours, enticing spicy aromas, and a smooth, fine texture. Drink now or cellar until 2012.”

What I Think:

I’ve been meaning to get to this one for a while and on a recent evening it finally made its way to the table. On opening the bottle it was bursting with red berry fruits on the nose. On the palate this one starts smooth and balanced. Towards the middle an acidic backbone emerges showing light fruit flavors which lead to warm, tingly tannins on the finish. On opening it was a bit hot but it blew off with time leaving behind this tight, racy acidic wine that delivers a lot of bang for the buck. If I were to redo the Trader Joe’s Top 10 Wine List today this one would certainly claim a spot.

That said, this one may not be for everybody as it doesn’t deliver the big fruit many look for. It is much closer to, what I think of as, a Pinot from Oregon with a leaner style balancing red fruit and structured acidity. So how does it compare to the Redtree Pinot Noir ($7) which the Wine Spectator loved. Though I’ve yet to review it, I have tried the Redtree and it comes off more juicy and fruit forward. It also lacks the structure and balance that the Picton Bay, which I prefer, delivers. With the Castle Rock, the Caretaker and this one Trader Joe’s currently finds itself awash in nice drinking Pinot’s that cost you less than a ten spot. Which is your fave? Think I’ll grab some more of all three.

Rating: Buy It

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9 thoughts on “2008 Picton Bay Pinot Noir

  1. It was an amazing wine for 8bucks. I have no revisions for the above review was accurate. It was a jewel. It was a dimond in the rough. It did in fact taste like a 20 dollar Willemete like the above review stated, only much cheaper and leaner. I am in mourning at its loss as I only possess 2 bottles. I hope and pray the vintage does as good next year.

  2. I picked up a bottle of the 2009 in Menlo Park, CA and tried it last night(3/14/10) with dinner. It was thin, sour, and very disappointing. We got out a funnel, poured it back into the bottle for possible use to make sauerbraten or vinegar, and drank the TJ’s 2007 Monterey Reserve PN instead. There was no comparison.

    The Picton Bay reminded me of random bottles of wine we rescued from a neighbor’s uninsulated garage when he died a few years back. A few made it to the table, but not many.

    I hope others have a better experience.


  3. Like baumgrenze, I also recently picked up a bottle of the 2009 vintage pinot, this was at the TJ’s in Cambridge MA, and my reaction mirrors his (or hers?). I took one sip and immediately offered to pour the rest of the bottle down the sink. It reminded me of the crappy cheap Australian wines with animal labels I’ve had over the years. I hope others find it better.

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  5. Our daughter gave us a wine package for 2010. One of the wines is Marlborough Pinot Noit 2009 which is excellent. Could you tell me what the cost would be for a case shipped to Northern Virginia?

    • This goes for $7.99 a bottle so you are looking at about $105 before tax. As for shipping might be best to as your daughter what she paid for the last. Sorry can’t help there just don’t ship much wine. Let me know if I can be of further help!

  6. WARNING: If you want this wine, you’ll need to hurry as it’s a hustle buy and what’s on the shelf is all we have left.

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