2005 Davis Bynum Allen Vineyard Pinot Noir

Price: $14.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

2005 Davis Bynum Allen Vineyard Pinot NoirPer Davis Bynum “Davis Bynum Pinot Noir is driven by vineyard sites. From the legendary Allen vineyard between the river itself and Westside Road – adjacent to Rochioli – this Pinot Noir is redolent of dried cherry, herb and cola aromas, with a soft mouthfeel and bold flavors of cherry, earth, and orange zest which carry brightly to the finish.”

What I Think:

While the recession may be cramping your style in some areas your wine drinking palate is subject to getting spoiled if you can find a spare $15 every now and again. The first example of this at Trader Joe’s was this Howell Mountain Cab which retailed at $60. This single vineyard Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley that retailed at an already relative “bargain” $40 is another in what I am sure is to be a long line of many more to come.

Beautiful aromas of dried cherries and herbs greet you on the nose. It is readily apparent that this is not a fruit driven Pinot from the start. With a smile on my face, I find more cherries at the front of the palate. These are held in check by a firm acid backbone that delivers the cherry cola flavors that I have come to expect from this region. Earthy and mineral components are present as well. The mouthfeel is velvety and smooth throughout and finishes bright and (orange) zesty. This wine is beautiful and elegant. People may say this goes better with this or that but feel free to ignore them and drink this with whatever you wish, even on its own. I am already looking forward to my next bottle…

Rating: Wow!

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10 thoughts on “2005 Davis Bynum Allen Vineyard Pinot Noir

  1. Nice find! Haven’t seen any of this make its way to my local TJs here in the east bay. I’ll have to keep a look out.

    The other day I picked up a bottle of the ’05 chateau potelle VGS Cabernet at TJs in the mid $20s. It’s retails at the winery for about $60. $25 is outside the realm of everyday wine for me, but I’ve been to Chateau Potelle and I love thier wines so I couldn’t pass up on that bargin.

  2. Very limited distribution and already “Discontinued” in the Order Guide. Try Rockridge as they generally carry one of everything.

  3. I have to say, I’ve actually had THIS wine a couple years ago. for $40 is was really good. for $15… it makes me want to jam all over California to find whatever is left on tj shelves. totally insane deal.

  4. @Jason. Sorry, haven’t found Davis Bynum locally (SoCal), but it should be a terrific bottle/value, as it’s a pretty well-respected lable here. I’ll keep looking; the Lorca was almost cult status, and I’ll really be sad when the rack is empty of this one!

  5. @MadMike Making me jealous on the Lorca, missed the boat on that one. Maybe I can manage to track down a spare bottle or two. I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

  6. The Bynum was a special allocation to certain stores, i.e. not available for order, due to the limited quantities. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Grand Reserve Napa Valley Petit Verdot. Quite a step up from the “Reserve” Verdot previously released, with a firm structure and a lively spicy finish. Should be on the shelves in mid-December @$12.99. For a bargain, the Spiral Napa Valley Cab @ $4.99 is decent. Medium bodied, blackberry with strong tones of chocolate, mocha and a dry finish. The Chard is decent as well with a touch of butter and oak, pear and vanilla, but no component overly aggresive. A mild, easy drinking Chard in my opinion. If you are extremely lucky, you might be able to find a few bottles of the ’05 Fife Max Cuvee mixed in with the ’07.

  7. @DP Thanks for the tips. I grabbed the Spiral Wines and the Cab wasn’t bad, it grew on me with each sip. I’ll grab some more if it is there on my next visit. The Chard is still in the fridge. Didn’t see the Petite Verdot though a bit pricey at $12.99. How is the maker? Adler Fels? Also no luck on the ’05 Fife Max Cuvee. Keep the tips coming…Always happy to hear about the new offerings. Where/How do you get your inside scoops?

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