2008 Italo Cescon Pinot Grigio

2008 Italo Cescon Pinot GrigioPrice: $14.99 @ Vintage Wine & Spirits imported by Bacco Wine & Spirit

What They Said:

Per Italo Cescon “A deep yellow, straw-like color. Intense aroma with slight hints of nutmeg, peach, and acacia. A dry, fresh wine with strong, fruity overtones and orange peel. It has a rich, persistent flavor. Is best served with seafood dishes.”

What I Think:

After a haircut I was wandering around town and the magnet drew me into the local wine shop. Given that I hadn’t come in for anything in particular I asked the folks there to share their favorites under $20 with me. This is one of those they identified as being a staff favorite, so even though a bit pricey for me, I decided to give it a go. This one is light in color and shows some bubbles in the glass. On the nose I get mostly floral aromas with hints of lemon. The front of the palate is crisp and clean with stony white fruit flavors appearing towards the middle. From there the zingy acid and mineral component come to the fore leading into a finish that shows notes of nutmeg. This is a pleasant wine for sipping on a warm afternoon.

As I was writing this post I came to a realization that while I find most Pinot Grigio’s from Italy very agreeable they rarely capture my full attention. As I followed this thought a bit further I was reminded of memories of fantastic Pinot Blanc’s I’ve had from the Alsace (disclaimer: As long time readers know I have a soft spot for the region). Once upon a time, Trader Joe’s had a fantastic Marcel Hugg offering from the region which I enjoyed immensely. I’ll have to grab another offering from the area soon. Let me know if anyone has any recommendations.

Rating: Pricey

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11 thoughts on “2008 Italo Cescon Pinot Grigio

  1. Ahh…Pinot Grigio…always seems a little boring to me too. You might try Ermacora if you want a slightly cheaper expression of Pinot Grigio from Italy…Anyways, as far as Alsace goes, I recently had this Muscat that I picked up at K&L that was great. Not too expensive; maybe worth a try. The guys at K&L seem to really like Allimant Laugner. The Gewurztraminer is supposed to be really good too. They still have both in Redwood City. http://www.vivalawino.com/2009/08/2007-allimant-laugner-muscat.html

    Also off the beaten path, last Saturday I had a Pinor Noir from Domaine Ostertag, which was fairly good, and WAY off the beaten path. Kermit Lynch imported it, so I’m sure that you can pick it up at their store in Berkeley.

  2. Not to interested in pursuing more Pinot Grigio at this point. Saw your write-up on that Pinot, I’ll keep that in mind for future consideration. As for Allimant Laugner I’ll pick that one up while dreaming of the $7.99 offer coming back at TJ’s…

  3. Huh…too bad that don’t have that to try anymore. That Marcel Leon Gewurz that they have is OK, but not that great at 6.99. Other than that, seems like they don’t have much from Alsace…they’ve got the Now and Zen (tacky name, but pretty good), and not too much else. My guess is that it was too weird for most of their customers and didn’t sell all that well. People like what’s familiar to them…which is too bad. Most of the whites from Alsace are better values than stuff like Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio. But that’s what people want to buy–even at 18$!

  4. Moulin de Ferrand’s 2008 Entre Deux Mers (France—Duh!) is still available in my favorite wine store in SoCal. K&L may carry it, too. It’s 50% Sauvignon Blanc/50% Semillon. Lots of zing, punch and depth, w/ fruit forward lemon, lime and gooseberry— floral aromas. If I use Jason’s rating scale, it’s a Bulk Buy for me. $6.99. Recommended for Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc lovers.

  5. That one sounds right up my alley Danny. When I was in New Zealand I fell in love with the Pegasus Bay Suavignon/Semillion. I will seek the Moulin de Ferrand out and let you know what I think. Thanks for the tip…

  6. Thanks Danny, that is full service! I thought I knew all the tricks, how did you track this one down? BTW, been forever since I have been to Arlequin, going to cost me a lot more than $10 by the time I walk out of there…

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